Reservation Tags

Real life usage case If you don’t yet have any employees, you definitely would have to hire some as your business grows. Then, you would create them “Operator” SynthesisVR accounts, as you wouldn’t want them to have full control over your setup. With this, certain functionalities would be limited. To name few: They wouldn’t be […]

Work Hours – By Game

The purpose of this Rule is to allow your arcade to act more like a traditional arcade where someone pays to play a game until a certain criteria is reached. For example, they play until they “die”, or play just a single round. Once the criteria is reached (set within the Game Categories section explained […]

Adding / Updating Credit Card On File

In order to subscribe to Synthesis VR and license games, you will need to put a credit card on file. Also if you need to update the credit card on file you can do so with the following steps. Head to the SynthesisVR Subscription Tab (in the Arcade Setup tab in the Advanced View of […]

Subscribing To Synthesis VR

Pre-Subscription Optional. Make sure that you have the Access Point App installed on all your stations as per the instructions found here: the station software is installed, continue below: Enter in Your Credit Card information. From your SynthesisVR Dashboard, head over to Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions. Once in the Subscriptions section, click […]