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Subscribing To Synthesis VR

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Pre-Subscription Optional.

Make sure that you have the Access Point Station App installed on all your stations as per the instructions found here:

Synthesis VR Installation

Once the station software is installed, continue below:

Enter in Your Credit Card information.

From your SynthesisVR Dashboard, head over to Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions.

Once in the Subscriptions Section, click on the 3 Dot Button in the top right section, then click on Update Credit-Card On File button. Once the popup comes up, enter in your complete credit card information and then lick on Save Your CC button when done.

Subscribe Your Station(s)

Once your credit card is saved, click on the SynthesisVR / $25.00 button. Be sure that the stations you want to subscribe to SynthesisVR are checked off. And then click on the Subscribe Now button when ready. Your credit card will be charged the appropriate amount noted at the bottom of the page and your subscription will renew on this date that you subscribed on monthly basis.


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