Setting up Vivecraft on SynthesisVR

1) Sideload the game under SynthesisVR – you have to do that on each computer running the game: 2) Go under your games administration page ( and search for “Random Game 1” 3) On the popup, you can edit the title from “Random Game 1” to the one you would like to appear on the […]

Front Defense: Heroes – Arcade Mode

To enable the arcade mode, please install the SynthesisVR Plugin: Administration >> Games & Licensing >> Your Games >> click on Front Defense: Heroes Install the plugin. Start a new session and the game will start in arcade mode. The players have to select the “Quick Start Game” option and they will be joined together. […]

KAT I/O Custom Locomotion Settings for non KAT I/O Games

Thanks to the extensive partnership between SynthesisVR and KATVR (read more),  you now can adjust your KATVR settings for every game that isn’t yet supported by the KATVR hardware.To do that: Create a Synthesis custom configuration file: %localappdata%\SynthesisVR\app\Resources\katio.json Use JSON format to create a key-value list of game id + KATVR settings: Save the file and […]

Customize SuperhotVR: Arcade Edition

SuperhotVR: Arcade Edition offers great customization options. This article explains how you can further automate different configuration sets through SynthesisVR.Important: SynthesisVR Version 3.9.4 is required Step 1) Create a new game variant (Administration >> Your Games >> Find SuperhotVR: Arcade Edition and click on it): Step 2) Navigate to the game plugins creation page:Step 3) Create […]