Auto-launch Top Survivors after Top Squad

Prerequisite: The automation relies on multiple SynthesisVR automations and would work at the following subscription levels: Configuration: 1) Head to > Administration > Game,Categories,Licenses and click on “Propagation: Top Squad”. Then, create a “Game Variation” option for Propagation: Top Squad 2) Under the same page of games, find “Propagation: Top Survivors” and click on it. Switch to the “Plugins” tab and click on the “Enabled | Get a local copy” button for each plugin. The button’s text should change to “Installed”. 2) Close the Top Survivors popup and, on the same page containing all your games, switch to the “Categories” tab and click on Edit button for the category where you would like to place the game. Then assign the newly created game variation: 3) For the category where the game variation is assigned, click on the Advanced Settings button: Find “Propagation: Top Squad”, click on the “Load Default” button, highlight the text and move it under “Propagation Top Squad and Survivors”: 4) Head to > Administration > [button] Customizations > Game Plugins. Find the just installed 8 “Top Survivors” plugins. For each of them: 5) On each of your PCs, download the following file and place it under %localappdata%\SynthesisVR\propagationswitch.bat 6) Head to > Administration > [button] Customizations > Command Calls. Create a new rule with the following settings: 7) At that point, all your settings are ready. The final step is to “Refresh” the Access Point of all your VR stations, so it can detect the newly created Command Call rule. You are now able to launch both games individually or you can launch the newly created game variation and, once the players complete the Top Squad game, it will automatically transition to Top Survivors.

Setting up Vivecraft on SynthesisVR

1) Sideload the game under SynthesisVR – you have to do that on each computer running the game: 2) Go under your games administration page ( and search for “Random Game 1” 3) On the popup, you can edit the title from “Random Game 1” to the one you would like to appear on the launchers. You can as well change the description and the image. For the image, use a full URL leading to the new image and avoid using redirected URLs (like short URLs) 4) Navigate to the Game Plugins page by going to Administration–>Customizations–>Game plugins ( and add a new one: 5) On the popup: Go to Conditions and Click on “Enable for Games”. Then select the game from the dropdown menu 6) Refresh the same game plugin’s page and find the plugin you just created and click the “Advanced Game Settings” button: 7) On the popup, add the following text: What this means is: This assumes the game’s Play button is positioned in the center of the game window. You can adjust the coordinates and retry. Please keep in mind that every time you update this through the “Advanced Games Settings” popup, you have to go to the station where you are testing and click the “Refresh” button. Otherwise, the updated settings may not apply on your next test.

Front Defense: Heroes – Arcade Mode

To enable the arcade mode, please install the SynthesisVR Plugin: Administration >> Games & Licensing >> Your Games >> click on Front Defense: Heroes Install the plugin. Start a new session and the game will start in arcade mode. The players have to select the “Quick Start Game” option and they will be joined together. The game support multiple parameters that can be assigned under “Own Station Parameters” for each of the licensed VR stations: session = if not set, the default value is MYARCADENAME arcadepin = 4 digits pin number for accessing the private session. If not set, the default value is 0000 fdh_region = the region for the multiplayer server. 0 = Europe 2 = Asia 6 = West USA (default) 11 = Russia fdh_bar = Used to trigger the HP bar visibility. Accepted values: 0 = off 1 = on (default) fdh_move = Moving method 0 = V-Move (default) 1 = Locomotion fdh_crosshair = Triggers crosshair visibility 0 = off (default) 1 = on fdh_reload = If it’s off, the gun will be ready to fire when the magazine is loaded 0 = off (default) 1 = on fdh_weapons = Enables special weapons (Bazooka, Heavy machinegun) 0 = off (default) 1 = on If you want to use the default value, you don’t have to setup anything beyond installing the plugin.

KAT I/O Custom Locomotion Settings for non KAT I/O Games

Thanks to the extensive partnership between SynthesisVR and KATVR (read more),  you now can adjust your KATVR settings for every game that isn’t yet supported by the KATVR hardware.To do that: Create a Synthesis custom configuration file: %localappdata%\SynthesisVR\app\Resources\katio.json Use JSON format to create a key-value list of game id + KATVR settings: Save the file and click the “Refresh” Synthesis button. Then re-launch the game through Synthesis. In the above example, 2381, 2230, 6522 and 7290 are SynthesisVR game IDs. They are followed by 5 parameters, having the following meaning:   parameter 1 – it determines which technical mode will be used for game support. We suggest you using the hook mode, as being the most stable for now. It supports every game and VR headset we have tested. 0 – IS mode 1 – OP mode 2 – Hook mode parameter 2 – does this game support Linear mapping of locomotion 0 – false 1 – true parameter 3 – which device determines the direction of movement in the game 0 – VR headset 1 – hand controller parameter 4 – which controller is used to control locomotion 0 – left 1 – right parameter 5 – which button triggers locomotion in the selected game 0 – Invalid 1 – Touchpad (Touching it) 2 – Touchpad (Pressing it) 3 – Trigger 4 – Grip 5 – Joystick – Windows Mixed Reality 6 – Joystick – Oculus Touch 7 – Joystick – Oculus Click 8 – Thumbstick – Index Touch 9 – Thumbstick – Index Click When you get to a working configuration for a new game, please contribute the settings by emailing them to is caring. Thank you!  

Customize SuperhotVR: Arcade Edition

SuperhotVR: Arcade Edition offers great customization options. This article explains how you can further automate different configuration sets through SynthesisVR.Important: SynthesisVR Version 3.9.4 is required Step 1) Create a new game variant (Administration >> Your Games >> Find SuperhotVR: Arcade Edition and click on it): Step 2) Navigate to the game plugins creation page:Step 3) Create a new plugin:After configuring the “Settings” page, click on the “Save Changes” buttonStep 4) Re-open the newly created Plugin and go to the “Conditions” tab:Click again on the “Save” buttonStep 5) Start the game and perform the needed game configuration. Click on the Save button inside the game screen and locate the “arcade.ini” file. Normally, you will find it under: I:\SynthesisVR Exclusive Content\2828\arcade.ini Open the file in a text editor (notepad) and copy all the text. You’ll use it with step 6. Step 6) Refresh the Plugins page and spot the “Advanced Games Settings” button. Click to edit:Save the popup. Step 7 / Last) Assign the new game variant to one or multiple of your game categories:  At that point, when you start “SuperhotVR: Arcade Edition”, the game will start with the normal settings. When you start “SUPERHOT – Timed Challenge”, it will start with your custom settings.