Gmail SMTP settings

It is possible to use Gmail Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and in this article, we will explain how this can be done. Please note that to use this option you must have an active SynthesisVR Pro account ( How to enable the 2-Step Verification on your Google account, you can find here: You […]

Survey Configuration

Survey? How would that help?We are happy to deliver a functionality that have been extensively tested with real players and has given great results. Running a survey is not only a great way to get some insights about your business, but is also a powerful marketing tool. If it doesn’t sound like a major functionality, here […]

Modules: Email Support

The “Email Support” modules unlocks multiple SynthesisVR capabilities: Sending automated emails upon widget events (customer registration, customer booking) New settings and pages: “Administration >> Advanced Settings >> Online & Email Settings >> SMTP Configuration” — configure your SMTP account “Administration >> Advanced Settings >> Online & Email Settings >> Email Templates” — you can completely […]