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The “Email Support” modules unlocks multiple SynthesisVR capabilities:

  1. Sending automated emails upon widget events (customer registration, customer booking)
  2. New settings and pages:
    1. “Administration >> Advanced Settings >> Online & Email Settings >> SMTP Configuration” — configure your SMTP account
    2. “Administration >> Advanced Settings >> Online & Email Settings >> Email Templates” — you can completely change how the outgoing emails looks like. It is mandatory to edit the following templates and change the example “VR Territory” information with the one of your own location:
      1. header
      2. footer
      3. book
    3. Under the “Experience Type” settings, you are now able to link different “Booking Confirmation” templates to different attractions
    4. When on the “View Reservation” popup for an upcoming reservation that have a customer account associated with it, pay attention to the “Envelope” icon on top. It will let you manually send a “Booking Confirmation” email. You can also perform changes before sending.

For assistance with any of the settings, please open us a ticket:

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