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CheckFront Integration

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In the regular case, all your CheckFront (CF) categories will be set as different “Experience Types” under SynthesisVR (SVR). If your CF categories are “Room Scale VR” and “Racing Simulators”, those would be represented as “Immersive” and “Racing Rigs” experience types under SVR.

Your CF item’s allocation should be set as “per minute” (under the Attributes settings on the CF’s item edit page). The same durations should be configured under the SVR’s “Business Rules”.

The SKU for all your CF items must match to the following format:

  • svr-s-<N>-<NN>


  • <N> = experience type
  • <NN> = duration (in minutes)

As an example, if your item is selling 20 minutes of the Immersive experience type, the SKU should be:

  • svr-s-1-20

If you are selling 45 minutes of Premium (experience type id 6) VR:

  • svr-s-6-45

You have to set up a new Webhook under CF. To do that:

  • within your CF account, go to the “Manage” menu from the navigation bar and select the “Developer” option
  • switch to the “Webhooks” section and click on “Add Webhook” from the sidebar
  • under your SVR administration, create a new booking widget and copy the public key ( – you can safely ignore all the SVR Widget settings information — you only need to create a new record)
  • Refresh the SVR widgets page, click on the “Advanced” button and copy the public key (it looks like this: 00000000-0000-5769-b68e-000000000000)
  • Construct the following URI (don’t forget to use your actual public key instead):
  • Place the newly constructed URI as “Notification URL” on the CF’s Webhook settings
  • Set the Webhook Event Type to “Booking Status Change
  • On the “Booking Status” setting, enable all options
  • Keep the “Content-Type” as “JSON


Optionally, you can link SVR with MailChimp ( and Google Calendar.

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