SynthesisVR – Version 3.12 Changelog

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Access Point 3.12.0:

  • SynthesisVR now tracks the HMD idle state and auto removes the time from the commercial use
  • Project CARS Pro – leaderboard support
  • The log file size is altered at 30MB
  • Bugfix: mp4 trailers could be unnecessarily cached for removed games
  • 3.11 Bugfix: some keys from the virtual keyboard results in wrong character
  • New: local options to disable the game start and session launch options –
  • Improved “Auto Pause” support
  • Improved “Mouse Reprojection” position in the VR Mirror Window
  • Improved mouse scrolling in the 2D VR Launcher
  • New: Under the “Content Events”, it is now possible to hide games available for installation. The installation option can be restored through “Your Games” web administration page
  • Improved scrolling in the 2D VR Launcher
  • Increased log level for the Voice Chat application

Access Point 3.12.1:

  • Bugfix: if a game delivered through the CDN has an update and the update has a change in the name of the primary executable file, the game will disappear from the list of installed games (until updated)
  • Bugfix: SteamVR loses information about the full path of the currently running game. This causes DRM failure on the Synthesis side. The authorization flow is optimized.
  • Added few more visual touches to the V4 launcher

Access Point 3.12.2:

  • Bugfix: keyboard may lag when SteamVR is not running
  • Bugfix: controllers battery and charge status may not show up under “Your Arcade”
  • New: you can set default Chaperone profile through the Chaperones Manager
  • OpenVR updated to support the SteamVR 1.8.20 changes
  • Improved detection for SteamVR false processes – sometimes causing the game not ending at the end of the session

Access Point 3.12.3:

  • Hotfix

Access Point 3.12.4:

  • PCPro license related optimizations

Access Point 3.12.5:

  • Addressed a case of double Refresh upon ending a session
  • On HMD Idle state, any running game will get muted and will be unmuted upon shaking the HMD
  • New precise announcement settings through the localmanifest.json file: 
    • "customAnnouncementInSeconds": {"30": "Custom Message 30 seconds before the session end" },


Access Point 3.12.6:

  • A new localmanifest.json setting that would automatically mute any running game if the HMD goes idle:
    • "hmdIdleMute": true,
  • Added support for group installation of CDN delivered games. This makes sense in situations like the newly released educational bundles (containing 40+ experiences)
  • Use localmanifest.json to disable the Synthesis Project CARS Pro leaderboard tracking:
    • "nopcpleaderboard": 1,
  • Added API functionalities for setting local, session-based parameters. Can be used to set Synthesis Engine parameters
    • http://localhost:8080/control/setKeyVal/:key/:value

Access Point 3.12.7:

  • Improvements related to the Oculus support

Access Point 3.12.8:

VR Server Mode 3.12.0:

  • Bugfix: a session with 12+ stations may not start properly
  • If the Server Mode is disconnected (arcade is offline) it will retry the connection 30 times and then give up
  • FreeSWITCH updated from 1.9.0 to 1.10.1

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