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Los Angeles, CA (April 27, 2021)

SYNTHESIS VR is a location-based management and content licensing platform that is always striving to bring the latest features and add ons to our customers. Unlike other platforms that are stagnant on development, Synthesis VR prides itself in listening to customer feedback, looking at trends in the industry and new practices, listening to industry experts, and working towards delivering features, addons, and refinements that are pertinent to the fledgling VR location industry.

There has been a long list of features and refinements that were a first, including but not limited to support for mixed reality using OBS, NFC support, membership, real-time discounts, customizable experiences, gift card integration, goods tracking, free roam support, operator launch functions, standalone headset support and more.



Though this has been here for a while, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our LEADERBOARD APP. With the LEADERBOARD APP now you can:

  • Organize local tournaments
  • Automated score and time tracking
  • Easy installation
  • Instant data updates
  • Automated switch to the latest played game
  • Zero maintenance
  • Customer registration form included

For more information and on how to get started please click here




We have worked closely with many developers in supporting this leaderboard functionality natively on SynthesisVR and we thank all the developers that worked with us on this. To see which games are currently supported please click here.


SynthesisVR is a premium management and content licensing platform for location-based entertainment centers around the world.

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