cyubeVR location based vr game.

VR Food Fights, Exploration, and Extermination!

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IgKnight Food Fight Arcade, CyubeVR, & Regenesis Arcade deliver the fun.


IgKnight Food Fight Arcade

Location based VR Food Fights
Multiplayer food fights are awesome.

Free on Synthesis VR through May!

Have you ever been in a food fight? Igknight Food Fight Arcade  is jam packed with arcade features and free through the month of May. No explanation needed for this game. Players pick a team up to 2 vs 2 and have 30 seconds a round to see who can land the most hits.

Arcade features like, lan multiplayer, spectator cam and operator panel make this a great option for VR events allowing up to 200 sessions an hour 2 vs 2 reliably.

Upcoming features like magic powers, a free roam version with larger maps will make for longer and more advanced competitive game play. Add IgKnight Food Fight Arcade for free through the month of May!

Regenesis Arcade

Regenesis Arcade Location based VR
Eradicate them all before they regenerate.

Destroy the rouge machines before they wipe out humanity.

Regenesis Arcade isn’t your typical wave shooter with content being randomly generated a bit each time. Packing shotguns, rocket launchers, gravity guns, and wave guns, your arcade guest will be taking on hell bent machines from all angles. This game features 8 detailed maps in campaign mode from cities of the future to ruins of the past with varying weather including rain to blizzard conditions. Strategy is paramount with several defensive and offensive capabilities in this action packed shooter. Licences Regenesis Arcade with a usage based PPM option and give your players the adrenaline boost their looking for.


Cyube VR location based VR game
Beautiful voxel environments proceduraly generated in vr.

There is no end to the infinitely generated world of cyubeVR

Embark on a beautiful journey that only you have seen before. CyubeVR is  proceduraly generated, creating a unique experience and boundless environment to explore. Use your tools and  resources around you to build, and discover. Immerse your guest and show off the sense of scale only virtual reality can provide as they travel deep into the earth through complex cave systems or climb to the sky on massive hill tops to behold the beauty below. No need for any interface or options menu, arcade guest will be equipped with just their bare hands and creativity. CyubeVR is available today through SythesisVR’s commercial game licensing, with a usage based PPM option.

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