Will you Survive the WARD?

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Los Angeles, CA (July 19, 2021)

SYNTHESIS VR is excited to announce the worldwide launch of WARD 9: THE EXPERIMENT in collaboration with ESCAPE VR!

WARD 9: THE EXPERIMENT is a two-player CO-OP escape room experience with sinister intention!

Through a series of mind-bending tests, you and your partner must travel through the ward and work with each other to make sense of the “experiments” you’ll be undergoing. Society expects you to be just sane enough to accept you. Can you and your partner prove your capabilities?


Synthesis VR is always striving to make the operator’s life easier and with our awesome launch options, now you can:

  • Select Which Room to Activate
  • Control Game Duraton
  • Change Player Name
  • Choose Between English, Spanish or French

and launch the game with one click and SynthesisVR does its magic!



SynthesisVR is a premium management and content licensing platform for location-based entertainment centers around the world.

For questions related to the game or Synthesis VR please email info@synthesisvr.com

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