Version 2.0 Release Notes Hi Arcade Owners, We already shared some screenshots and videos with some of you and now, we are pleased to announce SynthesisVR Version 2.0 is ready to release! Head to the download page and try it out. Prior Version 2.0 When we started the SynthesisVR development in 2016, we knew how important would  Read more ➝

Commercial VR Licenses – A partnership that counts! When we first launched VR Territory in June 2016, as a dedicated arcade for virtual reality, we were among the selected few. Virtual Reality was a cool, but fledgling tech novelty and not embraced by the mass market. At that time, the content available for arcades were  Read more ➝

Is your VR Arcade Social Enough? “I have some money to invest. I saw that cool VR arcade and it indeed is a great business. How hard can it be?  Just buying some hardware and renting enough space.” It is very likely that you started your jurney as a VR arcade owner with a similar understanding.  Read more ➝