Is your arcade social enough?

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Is your VR Arcade Social Enough?

“I have some money to invest. I saw that cool VR arcade and it indeed is a great business. How hard can it be?  Just buying some hardware and renting enough space.”

It is very likely that you started your jurney as a VR arcade owner with a similar understanding. However, as it often happens, the things are not that simple as they seems. You not only have to convince the people to try out VR, but you have to explain what is the difference between what you have and all the cheaper mobile alternatives. Considering this is more a matter of time rather than anything else, your next goal is to convert the first time visitors into returning customers. You may think the VR arcades are their only option to play high quality VR games, but you are most probably wrong on this.

Now, you can have an affordable VR system as low as $900 or $1000. It may not be powered by GeForce 1080, but is still relatively cheap and you would have the PC and an Oculus or MS HMD. And most importantly, you would have it at home and you can play as long as you wish.

With that in mind, there are a couple advantages for the VR arcades:

  • You may not have enough space at home
  • Some of the VR atractions are not available for home use
  • You can play multiplayer games along with your family and friends

Being able to offer multiplayer games is your biggest advantage. You probably already noticed the people comes mostly in groups and they do expect their VR to be a group experience (just like the escape room ones). Instead of this, what you offers them is an unforgetable single player experience. A similar kind of experience they soon would be able to afford at home. To keep your business profitable in long term, you have to go social and offering just “Rec Room” isn’t enough.

So, is your VR arcade social enough?

Lets name some of the tools that SynthesisVR offers since its first public release:

  • Save Games – nobody really experienced the full VR excitement until getting to the end of the Arizona Sunshine campaign mode. However, this is close to 4 hours of gameplay, so does any of your customers actually did that? SynthesisVR offers automated backup and restore of the save games for every of your customers.
  • Gameplay Recording – automated OBS recording and mailing the video files over to your customers, it sounds cool, right? They loves it
  • Confirmation Emails – as simple thing as sending out a confirmation email for phone bookings, gives a different and more professional look to your business
  • Birthday Sessions – having a birthday booking cannot be easier and enjoyable

For the past few months, we worked hard into bringing you even more advanced social tools. As the 1.5.9 release is around the corner, here is what you can expect from it:

  • Flexible Membership Cards Management – engage your customers with discounts and free time, all bundled into a single card
  • Mixed Reality – setting up mixed reality never been easier. The module automatically provisions your games with the necessary settings and gets rid of the annoying requirement for a third controller.
  • Voice Chat – a set of powerful tools that enables voice chat between a group of people. It works no matter if they plays the same or different games or if they plays a game that already have its own voice chat. Your customers comes in groups and they can keep their communication trough the full experience. On the top of this, your employees could join the chat and assist your customers far easier than before.

If any of this makes sense to you or you think we are missing something, please feel free to get in touch at

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