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Commercial VR Licenses – A partnership that counts!

When we first launched VR Territory in June 2016, as a dedicated arcade for virtual reality, we were among the selected few. Virtual Reality was a cool, but fledgling tech novelty and not embraced by the mass market. At that time, the content available for arcades were very few. Another big drawback, there wasn’t a single management software dedicated to virtual reality arcades.

Hence, Synthesis VR (SVR) was born – an arcade management and game automation system with many features like voice chat, mixed reality, game tracking and many more. We listened to our customers, and over a period of time kept enhancing SVR, and very soon other Arcades started using SVR for all their needs.

Fast forward to September 2017, while the general public’s awareness of VR has jumped dramatically, VR technology and content have evolved greatly and sales of VR Headsets have grown steadily, these dynamics have not yet resulted in VR capturing the mass market, a big factor is the increasing skepticism due to its slow adoption in-home. Surprisingly VR has seen a phenomena in the growth of Out-of-Home VR adoption namely arcades dedicated to virtual reality like VR Territory.

Given our experience working with VR Studios and Arcades, we decided to take SVR to the next level. We are now introducing the SynthesisVR licensing platform. Unlike everything similar, SVR is the first to “unlock” a dialog between the VR arcades and the VR studios.

How SynthesisVR makes the difference:

  • Multi faced licensing solutions – The VR arcades no longer have to join multiple platforms to obtain the license type that best suits them. SVR not only allows licenses based on fixed monthly fees or usage, but unlocks a whole new set of functionalities. Daily licenses ; annual licenses or lifetime – it is as simple as you are hoping for. You would love our progressive and “best fit” billing models.
  • Strong Reporting – You can track all the processes and keep the control of your spending.
  • Support & Customer Service – You can count on us all the time!

The first titles would be revealed in October!

To join SynthesisVR as an arcade or to distribute your content on the platform, just shoot us an email at

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