5 Ways To Boost LBVR Sales In The Summer

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The smell of fresh cut grass and barbecue is in the air. The kids are out of school for the summer and vacation destinations will be in full swing. With virtual reality locations around the globe no 2 markets will be exactly the same. In general though there will be more competition with outdoor activities becoming available again. This not only includes parks, camping and fishing and biking but also drive-ins, mini golf, go kart racing, paintball and airsoft seasonal locations. It is not uncommon to see a bowling alley or skating rink close down entirely for the summer.The advantage that location based virtual reality has of course is that it is a new and exciting form of entertainment which many people may prefer when they want to escape the heat of the summer sun.

The dynamics of the market in the summer can be vastly different by location  but today we will discuss 5 ways to help boost sales in the summer.



1.Get your chill on.

When it is time to escape the heat of the summer, people will seek out cool places to enjoy themselves. Advertising your air conditioned virtual reality arcade can increase its appeal. If possible offering frozen drinks and ice cream can  further the chill effect. You can even make up your own drink and desert names like “frozen reality shake” so the beverages are not only chilling but also cool and fun to order. A great way to promote return customers is to offer your chilly treats as rewards through Synthesis VRs reward and points  program. Customers can earn points as they play that can be redeemed in store!



2. Sell a summer pass.

With kids no longer in school 8 hours a day, parents will need to fill that time with other activities. Consider offering a summer pass that gives so much vr time daily, weekly or monthly. Offering a discount to help bring down the cost a bit can increase your average sale and help fill some downtime. With Synthesis VRs membership options, you can easily create a summer pass that customers can purchase both in store and online. Summer pass members would then be able to book their time right online with your booking widget. Be creative as you like and include additional discounts, perks, valid time, and double days!



3. Host summer steam programs.

Virtual realty has great potential as a learning and steam (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) teaching tool. It is unique in that it makes learning much more fun and engaging. Offering a summer steam program in virtual reality is a great way for parents to keep their kids focused on learning while having fun. Weather you are teaching how to code a vr app, robotics, math, or science vr will give your program the edge. Synthesis VR has great educational content you may implement into your program. You can check some out by clicking here.



4. Run summer league tournaments.

Similar to 2 and 3, the vr arcade is a great place to spend new found time. Seize the opportunity to run a league or host more tournaments. Consider lowering the cost of admission to entice participation. The Esports industry is growing exponentially. The excitement of competing in a virtual reality game tournament will provide a good time and drive repeat customers  No matter what type of experience you would like to offer, weather it be a first person shooter, rhythm, or racing game, Synthesis VR, has the content you need here. With many games offering arcade modes, and some tournaments modes for LBVR, licensing your content through synthesis VR will empower you to run your tournaments efficiently.



5. Capitalize on travelers.

Whether your a in a small town with a campground or a huge tourist destination, people travel more in the summer and will be on the look out for fun things to do in a location that they are travel to or even through. The great part about the virtual reality experience is you can do them in a short period of time at a with relatively low cost. This not only appeals for some one planning a trip to your arcade but also benefits on the fly trips. Be plugged in to what travelers are using to find things to do. Know your local tourism industry and work with the influincers to get your awesome destination on the map.


There you have it. 5 things you can do to make your summer a profitable one. Please comment below on what type of changes you make in the summer months and how the market changes in your area.

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