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Los Angeles, CA (July 20, 2023)


The wait is finally over! We’re excited to announce the launch of GANG OF DUMMIZZ, the 6-player virtual reality game that will take you on a wild ride of laughter, camaraderie, and thrilling challenges. Say goodbye to ordinary gaming and brace yourselves for the most unforgettable VR experience of your life!

SynthesisVR is proud to partner with LDLC VR Studios in bringing GANG OF DUMMIZZ to a VR arcade near you!

Welcome to the World of DUMMIZZ

Imagine a world where the bizarre meets the hilarious, and the rules are as unpredictable as the fun it brings. GANG OF DUMMIZZ is the brainchild of the talented folks at LDLC Studios, who have crafted an exhilarating adventure that promises to leave you in stitches.

Multiplayer Madness

What’s better than enjoying an awesome VR game? Sharing the experience with your friends! In GANG OF DUMMIZZ, you can team up with up to five of your best buds or challenge them to prove who’s the true DUMMIZZ champion. Cooperation and competition collide in this multiplayer mayhem, ensuring endless fun for everyone involved.

Whacky Challenges and Hilarious Obstacles

Get ready to navigate through a series of wild challenges and outrageous obstacles that will put your skills and sense of humor to the test. Whether you’re dodging quirky hazards, racing against time, or outsmarting your friends, GANG OF DUMMIZZ ensures heart-pounding action at every turn!

Join the Gang Worldwide

Thanks to our incredible partnership with SynthesisVR, you don’t have to go it alone in this adventure! GANG OF DUMMIZZ is now available in VR arcades worldwide. Locate your nearest arcade, gather your gang, and prepare to conquer this uproarious VR experience like never before.

A few words from the developer

LDLC VR Studio teams up with SynthesisVR to thrill VR arcades worldwide with GANG OF DUMMIZZ ! Get ready for a hilarious and exhilarating heist as the infectious fun of this game spreads like wildfire. LDLC VR Studio and SynthesisVR have expertly crafted advantageous features for operators, streamlining game and multiplayer functions, saving time, and creating a seamless experience between operator and customer. So, don your finest masks and balaclavas and dare to embark on this crazy adventure that is GANG OF DUMMIZZ – an unparalleled experience that will have you laughing and coming back for more! – Yann Granger-Thomas, Business Developer, LDLC VR Studio.

Why Gang of Dummizz at Your Arcade

  • Game is perfect for VR Arcades
  • Supports up to 6 players co-op
  • Supports English and French languages
  • Optimized with SynthesisVR one-click operator functionalities
  • Marketing materials
  • Game Walkthrough

SynthesisVR Optimized

We are thrilled to announce that GANG OF DUMMIZZ, the uproarious 6-player multiplayer VR game, has been optimized with SynthesisVR‘s cutting-edge one-click multiplayer function. This exciting enhancement takes the multiplayer experience to new heights, allowing players to effortlessly connect with their friends and dive into the virtual chaos with a simple click. Say goodbye to complex setup procedures and welcome a seamless and immersive multiplayer adventure like never before. With SynthesisVR’s innovation, GANG OF DUMMIZZ guarantees an unforgettable and laughter-filled gaming experience that brings friends together effortlessly. Get ready to enjoy the thrills, spills, and camaraderie with just one click!


In conclusion, GANG OF DUMMIZZ is a thrilling and hilarious virtual reality game that redefines the multiplayer gaming experience. From its whacky challenges and outrageous obstacles to the seamless one-click multiplayer function optimized with SynthesisVR, the game promises endless laughter and camaraderie among players. LDLC Studios’ innovative approach, combined with SynthesisVR’s support, has created a virtual realm where friendship and fun converge in the most exhilarating way possible. As gamers around the world gear up to embark on this uproarious journey, one thing is certain – GANG OF DUMMIZZ will leave a lasting impression as a game that brings joy, excitement, and shared memories to all who dare to enter. So, gather your gang, unleash your inner DUMMIZZ, and get ready for an adventure that is truly out of this world!

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and does not represent an endorsement or promotion of the mentioned game. Please visit the official game page for accurate and up-to-date information.

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