Local Manager (Standalone) – Install Synthesis VR On A Standalone Headset

Synthesis VR Local Manager Install Synthesis VR on standalone headsets

Introduction This is a guide for how to install the Synthesis VR application on standalone, android-based VR headsets such as the Meta Quest, HTC VIVE Focus 3, and Pico. Requirements Step 1: Open the Local Manager Application Step 2: Plug the Headset into the Computer If your computer does not recognize hat your headset is […]

Local Manager (Standalone) – Install/Uninstall/Update Content On Standalone Headsets (Quest/Focus 3/Pico)

Synthesis VR Local Manager Install/Uninstall/Update Content on Standalone Headsets

Introduction This guide will show you how to manage licensed content on multiple standalone headsets wirelessly using the Local Manager Application. How to License Content: https://synthesisvr.com/knowledge-base/licensing-games/ This article is in regards to standalone android-based headsets, such as a Meta Quest, HTC Focus 3, or Pico. You can select multiple games to install, and they will automatically […]

Mission X: Setup Guide

Introduction This is a short guide on how to properly set up MissionX via SynthesisVR. Important Note: MissionX has 2 different versions 1. MissionX for Quest Install this version if you are going to play the game on the Meta Quest headsets. 2. MissionX Use this version if you are using an other headsets such […]

Understanding Free Roam VR Tracking and Calibration

synthesis vr free roam vr understanding tracking and calibration

Introduction This article is a work in progress and will be receiving updates Standalone VR headsets use a tracking technique called visual simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM)*. The exterior cameras on your headset create a map of your surroundings, and the headset estimates it’s position based on its approximate distance to various landmarks in your […]

VR Session Manager – How To Launch A Session

From the Your Arcade Section, click on whichever experience type you want to start:Once selected, the remaining stations that are available will be made available. If you want to select more than the single station (to do a multi-station session), click on the experience type in the other stations for all stations that you want […]

Game Server Automation – Set Up A Dedicated Multiplayer Game Server Computer

Synthesis VR Modules and Add-Ons - Game Server Automation

Introduction “Game Server Automation” is a purchasable add-on for Synthesis VR Essential Access and Synthesis VR Ultimate. Modules & Add-Ons are purchasable features that increase the functionality and capability of the Synthesis VR platform. The “Game Server Automation” add-on allows you to operate a dedicated, multi-player game server computer. Additional Notes: What Is A Game […]

RustDesk – Remote Desktop Software – Connecting To Synthesis VR

Synthesis VR RustDesk Connecting RustDesk To Synthesis VR

RustDesk Manual Connect RustDesk with Synthesis VR Navigate To Your Synthesis VR Terminal Go to the Administration Page, and Click Devices Click The Edit Button On The Desired Device Navigate To The Advanced Tab, Enter RustDesk Infromation, And Save *Make sure there are NO SPACES in the RustDesk ID Enjoy RustDesk Quick Access In your […]

Access Point – 2021 – 2022 Updates

Version 3.20.0 (18th January 2022) – 3.20.9 (1st December 2022) Version 3.19.0 (31st May, 2021) – 3.19.6 (22nd November, 2021) Version 3.18.0 (25th January, 2021) -> 3.18.9 (27th April, 2021)

Local Manager – Individual Device / Station Settings

Synthesis VR Local Manager, Individual Device and Station Settings

Settings and more functionalities for each Device Clicking on the settings button will open up dynamic information and settings for the respective device in the Dynamic Section. The information and functionality displayed maybe different for each device based on the device setup and whether it’s powered on or not. Click the Settings Icon as shown […]