General Network Settings

To keep lines of communication open between the Proxy and your stations, we recommend the following settings. The first thing to do is to be sure all your PCs are on a Private Network. (Note that the images below are from Windows 10, they will be somewhat different visually on Windows 11): From Network & […]

Crashing Games

Unreal Engine-based games like Eclipse, Shooty Frooty, and others could launch and crash when running on Intel CPUs Gen 10+. To fix this, run the following command in an Administrator Command Prompt: setx -m OPENSSL_ia32cap “~0x20000000” If you are unsure how to do that, just open the following in the browser directly on the PC: […]

Turn off Windows Access Point automated restart

Upon starting Windows, the Access Point app will start automatically and wouldn’t let you quit or stop it. Even further, ending the app through Task Manager would stop it just temporarily, but the app will start again in a couple of seconds. As long as this could be considered an intrusive behavior, it actually helps […]

QuarkXR – Troubleshooting Guide

QuarkXR consists of two parts – Server and Client. The Server is installed on your Windows PC and adds a special driver. The Client is what’s installed on your Android-based HMD (Quest/Pico/Focus 3). There are a couple of things that could go wrong in the setup. If you have trouble pairing an HMD with a […]

VR Streaming – The Guide

Heads up: if you want to know more about the past and the present, please jump on our “A brief history of VR Streaming” blog post. Prerequisite: All your stations and standalone HMDs have to be in the same LAN and must be able to “see” each other. Also make sure you are using only […]

Remove/Uninstall Games

Removing games from your arcade depends on how the game is delivered. Games Installed Through Steam Open up the Steam App and head over to the Library; Search for the game via search field if necessary and the right click on the game and hover over the Manage option and select Uninstall. You’ll be asked […]

Arizona Sunshine Advanced Game Settings Parameters

An explanation of the various configuration options: ForceLanguageIf this is not empty, the game will be displayed in the configured language.Supported values: EN, FR, DE, ES, RU, IT, ZH_CN, JA, KO. ForceEnableRotationIf configured as “yes”, and playing on Vive or WindowsMR, the “rotate left” and “rotate right” buttons are enabled. If configured as “no” you can […]

Arizona Sunshine and Game Plugins

This article will provide a practical use for Game Plugins while also showing you how to set up multiple versions of Arizona Sunshine (Horde Mode, Campaign, and Single Player). The first step is to head to the Your Games section: From there, search for Arizona Sunshine Arcade and open it up. We first need to […]

Command Calls & OBS

Preface: This is by no means a deep dive into OBS, this is a basic overview of the software and how you can integrate its usage with SynthesisVR using Command Calls. We will highlight the basics you will need to know to get going. SynthesisVR has an integration with OBS allowing you to record and/or […]

How To Change Currency

Synthesis VR supports your local currency denominations in the admin panel as well as for online booking using the Synthesis VR booking platform. In order to change your currency from the default US Dollars: visit and login as an administrator. Click Administration on the Left and Click on your Location Name – Click the […]