Access Point – 2021 – 2022 Updates

Version 3.20.0 (18th January 2022) – 3.20.9 (1st December 2022) Version 3.19.0 (31st May, 2021) – 3.19.6 (22nd November, 2021) Version 3.18.0 (25th January, 2021) -> 3.18.9 (27th April, 2021)

Local Manager – Individual Device / Station Settings

Settings and more functionalities for each Device Clicking on the settings button will open up dynamic information and settings for the respective device in the Dynamic Section. The information and functionality displayed maybe different for each device based on the device setup and whether it’s powered on or not. Click the Settings Icon as shown […]

Local Manager – How To Launch Games

Launching games is a breeze using the Local Manager. With these 4 easy steps you can launch any game in an efficient and seamless manner. These steps are explained in detail below. Launch any Game using Dynamic Section Step 1: Choose Game – Once a game is selected, the operator is presented with more options: […]

Local Manager – How To Manage Games & Content on Your Device or Station

Bookmark or Add Certain Games or Content to Favorites Games that are bookmarked will be shown on the top as seen below for easy access. This is a convenient way for operators to quickly launch a game that is popular at the VR location. The Local Manager also provides an easy way for operators to […]

Local Manager – Understanding The User Interface 

Understanding the Local Manager interface is crucial for operators, and this knowledge greatly facilitates smooth operations. Filtering Stations You can now filter the stations that you see in the Device Section by clicking on the “Settings” gear next to Stations. Changes made to the Stations List as shown below will reflect on how the devices […]

Local Manager – An Introduction

Local Manager by Synthesis VR

This serves as an all-encompassing guide for harnessing the potential of the LOCAL MANAGER (LM), a desktop application designed for VR businesses. Throughout this documentation series, we will explore the essence of LM, take a look at its conceptual framework, illustrate how LM can help operators manage content, and ultimately, demonstrate how to launch games […]

How to auto-sync Leaderboard data to Google Sheets

Step 1 – Add the Jsonimport functionality Follow steps 1 to 4 to add the Jsonimport functionality: Step 2 – Prepare your SynthesisVR Leaderboard URL Step 3 – Create a new Google Sheets file Add 3 empty sheets: SynthesisData: Copy/paste the following formula under A1: Don’t forget to replace 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 with your actual Synthesis API […]

RustDesk: Installation Guide

RustDesk is a free to use platform that allows us to connect remotely and see what is happening on your PC. It is the preferred method that we in SynthesisVR use in order to troubleshoot issues, or when helping a new customer with installing setting up SynthesisVR and games for the first time. The process […]

Environment Profiles

What’s an Environment Profile and why it’s needed? The SynthesisVR Environment Profiles cover headset variables such as boundaries, button states, scheduled HMD restarts, and other configuration and environment adjustments. With the growth of the LBVR segment and the VR industry in general, we do see more and more standalone HMDs released for business purposes. As […]