How to Start Commercial Licensing, Continuing Subscription & Adding Balance

Once you are satisfied with Essential Access and testing the platform and games, you can move to the next step, which is commercially licensing the games for your VR location. Before we add this, lets understand how SynthesisVR Pre-Paid balance work. The Pre-Paid Balance/Credit System Explained There Are 2 forms of pre-paid balance which can be found in your Billing Page: Software+ Software refers to the funds available in your account specifically designated for utilization towards SynthesisVR features and additional add-ons. Every new Essential Access account comes with $250.00 worth of free credits. This can be utilized to purchase any add-on except Content Add-On: Steam. SynthesisVR will initially charge your existing Free Balance for your add-ons before attempting to charge your other types of balance available. If there are not enough pre-paid balance to cover your subscription cost, SynthesisVR will charge your credit card on file. Game Licenses+ Game License refers to the funds available in your account specifically designated for utilization towards game content. A minimum of $100 is required to commence your commercial licensing process. This initial balance serves as an entry point to access the SynthesisVR content store, providing you with access to all games available under Essential Access. Throughout the month, your game usage is monitored. On the first day of each month, your total charge is calculated, taking into account the previous month’s game and content usage. This sum is then deducted from your Game Licenses balance. If your usage exceeds the balance, the remaining amount will be charged to your credit card. How to Start Licensing There are couple of steps Adding Your Credit Card Go to Administration – Billing – Click on Update Credit-Card On File Button under Actions Add your details and click Save Your CC. After saving, clicking the Update button again won’t display any details and might include random numbers. This measure is purely for security reasons; rest assured; your credit card information has been successfully added. Add Balance Once your credit card information is added, click the $ Add Balance button. As mentioned above there are two types of balance. Make sure to add the amount to the right balance. In order to licensing games, please add $100 under Game Licenses Balance as shown below and click Confirm your payment. Once the payment has gone through you will see your new balance under PRE-PAID BALANCE. You can now go to Administration – Games, Categories, Licenses and start licensing games. Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) What will happens if my game licensing balance is empty? You will still be able to play and offer licensed games. Your usage will be automatically charged to your credit card on file on the first of each month. You will be unable to license new games from the content store. Add more balance to unlock the content store.

Auto-launch Top Survivors after Top Squad

Prerequisite: The automation relies on multiple SynthesisVR automations and would work at the following subscription levels: Configuration: 1) Head to > Administration > Game,Categories,Licenses and click on “Propagation: Top Squad”. Then, create a “Game Variation” option for Propagation: Top Squad 2) Under the same page of games, find “Propagation: Top Survivors” and click on it. Switch to the “Plugins” tab and click on the “Enabled | Get a local copy” button for each plugin. The button’s text should change to “Installed”. 2) Close the Top Survivors popup and, on the same page containing all your games, switch to the “Categories” tab and click on Edit button for the category where you would like to place the game. Then assign the newly created game variation: 3) For the category where the game variation is assigned, click on the Advanced Settings button: Find “Propagation: Top Squad”, click on the “Load Default” button, highlight the text and move it under “Propagation Top Squad and Survivors”: 4) Head to > Administration > [button] Customizations > Game Plugins. Find the just installed 8 “Top Survivors” plugins. For each of them: 5) On each of your PCs, download the following file and place it under %localappdata%\SynthesisVR\propagationswitch.bat 6) Head to > Administration > [button] Customizations > Command Calls. Create a new rule with the following settings: 7) At that point, all your settings are ready. The final step is to “Refresh” the Access Point of all your VR stations, so it can detect the newly created Command Call rule. You are now able to launch both games individually or you can launch the newly created game variation and, once the players complete the Top Squad game, it will automatically transition to Top Survivors.

Local Manager (Standalone) – Install Synthesis VR On A Standalone Headset

Synthesis VR Local Manager Install Synthesis VR on standalone headsets

Introduction This is a guide for how to install the Synthesis VR application on standalone, android-based VR headsets such as the Meta Quest, HTC VIVE Focus 3, and Pico. Requirements Step 1: Open the Local Manager Application Step 2: Plug the Headset into the Computer If your computer does not recognize hat your headset is connected, make sure your headset is in Developer Mode, and has USB Debugging turned ON. Step 3: Enter a Name for the Headset, Click “Provision to Synthesis VR” Step 4: Wait for Synthesis VR to Install

Local Manager (Standalone) – Install/Uninstall/Update Content On Standalone Headsets (Quest/Focus 3/Pico)

Synthesis VR Local Manager Install/Uninstall/Update Content on Standalone Headsets

Introduction This guide will show you how to manage licensed content on multiple standalone headsets wirelessly using the Local Manager Application. How to License Content: This article is in regards to standalone android-based headsets, such as a Meta Quest, HTC Focus 3, or Pico. You can select multiple games to install, and they will automatically start, one after the other, via the new command queue. You can install content on multiple headsets at one time. Step 1: Plug the Headset into the Computer If your computer does not recognize hat your headset is connected, make sure your headset is in Developer Mode, and has USB Debugging turned ON. When you see the green android logo, you can safely disconnect your headset from the computer. At this point, you can now plug in another headset you’d like to manage, if you choose to do so. Step 2: Go to the “Actions” Menu, Select “Licenses” Step 3: Select The Content You Would Like To Install You can select multiple items. They will be added to a queue. Step 4: The Content Is Added To Your Queue The first item in your queue will start the installation process. View and Manage the Queue The white box next to the name of your Headset will show you how many items are in your queue. Select it to view and manage your queue. You can remove an item from your queue by clicking “Clear” on an item, if you change your mind. Queue Multiple Items Across Multiple Headsets Feel free to queue multiple items across multiple headsets. They will all complete automatically.

Mission X: Setup Guide

Introduction This is a short guide on how to properly set up MissionX via SynthesisVR. Important Note: MissionX has 2 different versions 1. MissionX for Quest Install this version if you are going to play the game on the Meta Quest headsets. 2. MissionX Use this version if you are using an other headsets such as the HTC Focus 3 or Pico Headsets. Step 1: License the game How to License Content: Step 2: Install the game on the headsets How to Install/Uninstall/Update Licensed Content on your Standalone Headset: Step 3: Install the game on the dedicated game server Not sure what a dedicated game server is? View this article: You’ll also have to install the game on your dedicated server PC, this can be done from the Access point by going to “Content Events” tab. If it is not there, You will now find the game is installing under the “Content Events” tab in the Access Point of your game server computer Step 4: Assign the game to the dedicated server You will also have to assign the game to the “Dedicated server games” list, the process is mentioned in the Standalone server article: Step 5: First time start-up – Start the application and configure the game manually Starting the game on the game server manually We recommend starting the game manually for the “Non Quest” version of the game, on the server the first time, so that you can log in with your arcade credentials for the game ( you can select the Auto login and remember password options so that the process can be automated ) . To start the game manually, Your Credentials & Extra Settings The credentials can be found by going to Administration–>Games, Categories, Licenses–> Find the game, click on it and go to the “Extra Settings” tab, there you’ll have your MissionX account info as well as some helpful plugins and automations for the game. Something that we recommend is to use the “Instant game start” option that is at the bottom, as this will allow the game to start immediately rather than wait for the players to connect before the game begins. Start the game inside the headset, manually After all of your headsets have connected to the lobby, you can close the game manually in each of the headsets, and on the game server. Step 6: Launch the game using the Local Manager from this point on Not sure how to launch games? How to Launch Games: After this is done, and you’ve successfully joined the lobby, you can now close the game on the HMDs and the server, and run it properly from the Local manager launcher. The server should automatically log you in, while the headsets should automatically join the lobby.

Understanding Free Roam VR Tracking and Calibration

synthesis vr free roam vr understanding tracking and calibration

Introduction This article is a work in progress and will be receiving updates Standalone VR headsets use a tracking technique called visual simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM)*. The exterior cameras on your headset create a map of your surroundings, and the headset estimates it’s position based on its approximate distance to various landmarks in your map. *To learn more about SLAM, visit: How Does Free Roam VR Tracking Work? When you are drawing the “boundaries” on your standalone VR headset, you are drawing the SLAM boundaries. When an headset is reporting its position, it reports its position relative to the SLAM boundaries. SLAM creates a “map” file. When all the HMDs have the same SLAM map: This is how it is kept accurate for everyone. Advantages and Drawbacks of Different Headset Choices HTC VIVE Focus 3, Pico Neo 3 Pro, Pico 4 Enterprise have superior tracking accuracy for Free Roam VR These headsets have superior tracking accuracy, because of a feature called boundary sharing. This means, you can draw the boundary on just 1 of the headsets -> then export that boundary file -> and import it into the other headsets. Then they have exactly the same SLAM map. As long as they are physically in the same space, it is very accurate. Meta Quest Disadvantages Meta does not allow boundary sharing and there is no way to export/import a SLAM map onto multiple headsets. Therefore, your tracking accuracy is determined by how well you are able to replicate and redraw your boundary on each headset, one at a time. Headset Calibration HTC VIVE Focus 3, Pico Neo 3 Pro, Pico 4 Enterprise When you are using HTC VIVE Focus 3, Pico Neo 3 Pro, or Pico 4 Enterprise, there is no need to calibrate your setup. Meta Quest When using Quests, calibration is needed. The calibration is like this: If, during gameplay, a player performs the quick recalibration (by holding the Oculus button for 3 seconds), then the HMD has to be recalibrated at the X spot.

VR Session Manager – How To Launch A Session

From the Your Arcade Section, click on whichever experience type you want to start:Once selected, the remaining stations that are available will be made available. If you want to select more than the single station (to do a multi-station session), click on the experience type in the other stations for all stations that you want to be part of the experience.Once you’ve selected all the stations that will be in the session, click on the appropriate time you want for the session on any of the stations (doesn’t need to be the first station selected): In the pop up, you have several things that you can do before launching the session if you choose to (none of which is required, all are optional):