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Applying the Holodeck environment to SteamVR Home

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As of SteamVR version 1.9.13, the default SteamVR branding options got deprecated in favor of SteamVR Home. As long as you now can revert SteamVR to a version that supports custom branding, the option to use the Holodeck environment is now possible with the stock SteamVR version as well. To get it installed:
1. Update SynthesisVR to version 3.12.8 (if you are already running that version, please use the updater tool)
2. Make sure you are logged in Steam. Then, under the Access Point app, go to “Settings >> SteamVR Settings >> SteamVR Home Settings” and click on the “Environment Subscription” button.
3. This will get you to a page inside the Steam app – click on the “Subscribe” button and use Steam to download the pending “SteamVR – Workshop Content” update. You’ll have to temporarily stop SteamVR.
4. Start SteamVR again and use the “Enable SteamVR Home” option under “Access Point”.
Important note – SteamVR Home does not provide the same easy level of customization and branding as the previous method that was in use. If you would like to have the Holodeck environment branded with your own logo, please reach us to discuss the options.

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