The SynthesisVR 3D Environment

Owning an arcade is a challenging business. You not only have to provide excellent customer service, but also need to have the right tools on hand. As SinthesisVR already provides a lot of options to save money from your daily operations, it is now time to provide your customers with an excellent VR experience from the first second.Navigate to the Dashboard and enable the 3D experience for each of your VR stations.Head over […]

2D Menu Localization

The 2D menu supports different localizations and switching between them on the fly. To get that, you need to use the English locale as a base: { “en”: { “title”: “English”, “phrases”: { “PIN”: “PIN”, “Home”: “Home”, “Time”: “Time”, “Close”: “Close”, “Email”: “Email”, “Login”: “Login”, “Balance”: “Balance”, “Minutes”: “Minutes”, “Play Now”: “Play Now”, “Tutorial”: “Tutorial”, […]

3D Environment Customization/Adding Your Own 3D Environment

The “SynthesisVR 3D Island” and all further 3D environments are based on APIs that can be accessed by third party launchers. The APIs do not bring any restrictions, so they can be utilized by Unity, Unreal Engine and any other game development engines. As we are using Unity, please feel free to mail us at for […]

Game Categories – Organize Your Content

Synthesis VR game categories allow you to choose which games are available for customers to choose from. They also can act as filters as you will see below. By default SynthesisVR will include all downloaded games as available game options during sessions. Once a game category is setup and assigned, only those games will be […]

Per Station Arguments (with Rec Room example)

Per Station Arguments (with Rec Room as an Example) Head over to Administration >> Arcade Setup >> VR Stations Click on the edit for the station you want to enter: In the “Settings”tab of the VR Station, click on the Own Station Parameters+ button and a new line item will show up. On the left, […]

Adding an External Game to SynthesisVR Game Menus

Currently, SynthesisVR has 25 “spots” for external games, using the following code numbers: Each code above would represent a single game/executable. To set up an external game/experience, please follow these steps: (please keep in mind this has to be done on each gaming station running SynthesisVR Access Point app) On your Taskbar Right Click on […]