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The “SynthesisVR 3D Island” and all further 3D environments are based on APIs that can be accessed by third party launchers. The APIs do not bring any restrictions, so they can be utilized by Unity, Unreal Engine and any other game development engines. As we are using Unity, please feel free to mail us at info@synthesisvr.com for the complete Unity project of the Island environment. Once your new environment is ready, please follow the steps:
1) Upload your environment onto your web server or online location that is accessible without restrictions.
2) head over to: In the Simple View: Administration >> Games, Categories, Licenses: ​ In the Advanced View: Administration >> Business Setup >> Games, Categories, Licenses:
3) On the page, click on the “Launchers” tab and then on the “+ Add New Launcher” button to add a new record
4) You would see the following popup:
Exe – the path and the name of the exe file within your project. If the full path on your PC to the exe is: · D:\My Projects\Arcade Launcher\Build1\start.exe then, you should enter start.exe in the “Exe” field. If your full path is: · D:\My Projects\Arcade Launcher\Build1\internal\start.exe then, the value would be internal/start.exe Title – the name of the launcher. This is how you would recognize it later on. 2D Image – upload an example image of your launcher. This is just for information purpose. Download Base Path – the full web path where the main launcher directory is located. Example: http://arcadedomain.com/download/ This would mean, the following web path exist as well: http://arcadedomain.com/download/Build1/* Example setup: Local folder named svr-island-2018:
​ The svr-island-2018 folder is uploaded on https://radicsoft.com/dl/
5) Save the changes and refresh the page.
6) Download our tool to generate the JSON description: https://synthesisvr.com/dl/3D%20Environment%20Generation.zip
7) Extract the ZIP and start “3D Environment Generation.exe”
8) Click on “Select Upload Folder” and select your Build1 folder. In our example, we would select svr-island-2018
9) Highlight and copy the generated JSON
10) In the web interface, click on “Add Build Description”.
11) Paste the copied JSON and click on “Save”
12) Go to your VR stations, “Edit” each station and assign “Demo Launcher” as “3D Environment”
13) Click the “Refresh” button in your SynthesisVR desktop application. That would initiate the download of the new environment onto your stations and it would be in use for all your sessions.
Note: to ensure step 13 would do its job, please make sure you are using at least SynthesisVR version 3.2.2 .

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