Timeline View In Depth

Overview To switch between The Station View and the Timeline View, click on the “Life Preserver” settings icon and  click on the Timeline View switch at the top. Note that this is a local switch and would need to be set on each of the devices that access the Your Arcade page. ​Station View: ​Timeline […]

Desktop App not syncing or Starting Issue

Once you start a session on the administration portal and your gaming station does not start there could be a few possibilities to why this did not happen. Please make sure the Server PC and all the gaming stations have the same time and time zone. There have been many cases where the same time […]

Mirroring Audio To a Monitor

From SteamVR, click on the drop down menu:   Choose settings:   From the SteamVR settings menu, choose Audio from the left side:   Change the “Mirror audio device” to whatever your TV/Monitor is and be sure that “Set Playback device to” is set to your Vive HDMI audio:

Firewall and Network Information

Proxy: TCP 2010 – Video Streaming(optional) 5060 – VoIP(optional) 5066 – VoIP(optional) 8005 – SynthesisVR communication port(mandatory) 8088 – SynthesisVR communication port(mandatory) UDP 5060 – VoIP(optional) 8070 – Synthesis communication port (recommended) 8071 – Synthesis communication port (recommended) All ports above 10000 (VoIP Audio –optional)   Access Point: TCP 5060 – VoIP(optional) 8006 – SynthesisVR communication port(mandatory) 8007 – SynthesisVR […]

Launching A Walk In Session

From the Your Arcade Section, click on whichever experience type you want to start: Once selected, the remaining stations that are available will be made available. If you want to select more than the single station (to do a multi-station session), click on the experience type in the other stations for all stations that you […]

Booking Widget Setup

This Documentation will provide a step by step guide to setting up your booking widget, integrating it in to your WordPress website and other advanced configurations. On your left menu click Administration Click Advanced Settings – Web Widgets as shown below  This takes you to the Widgets Page. On the Booking Widgets TAB – Click the + […]

Duplicating Task Tray Icons

If you have a situation where SynthesisVR keeps starting and stopping repeated and you see the Windows Tray Icons filling up with SynthesisVR icons, open up File Explorer and enter in the following address:%localappdata%\SynthesisVR\appIn the directory, delete the svr3.x file. Once that’s deleted, SynthesisVR should start up normally.  

Reservation Tags

Real life usage case If you don’t yet have any employees, you definitely would have to hire some as your business grows. Then, you would create them “Operator” SynthesisVR accounts, as you wouldn’t want them to have full control over your setup. With this, certain functionalities would be limited. To name few: They wouldn’t be […]

SynthesisVR Services: Proxy

As you may already know, SynthesisVR consists of two desktop modules: SynthesisVR Proxy Access Point Simply put, the SynthesisVR Proxy is a proxy between your web interface (my.synthesisvr.com) and your VR stations. Without having it running, you wouldn’t be able to start sessions, automatically end sessions, to have Voice Chat and more functionalities.If you stop […]

Work Hours – By Game

The purpose of this Rule is to allow your arcade to act more like a traditional arcade where someone pays to play a game until a certain criteria is reached. For example, they play until they “die”, or play just a single round. Once the criteria is reached (set within the Game Categories section explained […]