VR Session Manager – How To Launch A Session

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From the Your Arcade Section, click on whichever experience type you want to start:

Once selected, the remaining stations that are available will be made available. If you want to select more than the single station (to do a multi-station session), click on the experience type in the other stations for all stations that you want to be part of the experience.
Once you’ve selected all the stations that will be in the session, click on the appropriate time you want for the session on any of the stations (doesn’t need to be the first station selected):

In the pop up, you have several things that you can do before launching the session if you choose to (none of which is required, all are optional):

  1. Select the game to launch at the start of the session either by using the drop down menu or by typing in the field and selecting one of the games that come up.
  2. Add or look up a customer to attached to the session
  3. Add a comment
  4. Record a payment
  5. Choose to record and/or stream video

    Note that if you attach a customer to the session, you will had the additional options of adding a balance to their account or add a voucher to the session.

    Once you’ve entered in all the information and settings you’d like, then click on the “Start Session” button and the session will launch on all selected stations and any games you set to launch will also launch shortly after the session start:

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