Synthesis VR Proxy – Cloud Proxy for VR Arcades – Amazon / AWS

1. Obtain your Proxy Activation Code 2. Subscribe for the SynthesisVR Proxy Image on the AWS Marketplace and launch your instance We do recommend the Medium General Purpose AWS instances (t2.medium ; t3.medium ; t3a.medium). As with any other AWS Windows-based instances, make sure your RDP port allows external connections or you could be unable to connect to your instance. 3. Complete your installation Upon RDP connecting to your instance for the first time, the “Local Manager” app will automatically launch in full-screen mode and will ask for the Activation Code from step 1. Enter the code and wait for the installation process to complete. It could take a couple of minutes. 4. Finalize Your Proxy installation is done and your SynthesisVR Access Point instances would automatically detect and connect to your newly installed Cloud Proxy. Note: The Cloud Proxy installation process is streamlined, but it also may not be straightforward for businesses who do not have previous experience with AWS. Please do not hesitate to seek assistance from hundreds of certified AWS professionals or hire a SynthesisVR engineer as well. You don’t know what a SynthesisVR Proxy is or looking for self-hosted options? Find out here:

Synthesis VR Proxy – Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot the SynthesisVR Proxy? 1) Access the “Run” prompt by press the Windows key + R 2) Type: services.msc 3) Scroll down the list until you find SynthesisVR – Proxy 4) If the service is not running, click on the “Start” option on the left side (or the Restart button). You should see the following popup:When the popup disappears, the service status should be changed to “Running”. 5) If the status remains empty (meaning – not running) or you don’t have permission to start the service, you could simply restart the computer. By default, SynthesisVRMainService is configured to start automatically along with Windows. 6) If SynthesisVR – Proxy still isn’t starting, please reach to us at

Synthesis VR Proxy – Moving Your Synthesis VR Proxy to a New PC

On your original Proxy/Server, open the Start menu and type in “services.msc” (without the quotes) and click on the Services App when it comes up: Scroll down until you see the SynthesisVR Proxy and double click on it or right click and choose “Properties”: In the middle of the window there will be a drop down menu that is set to Automatic. Click on that and then choose Disabled. Click on Stop and then click on OK On the new computer, download the latest SynthesisVR Installer from and be sure to download the Full Version: Install in the new location, being sure to select the VR Server Proxy option when installing. If prompted for an Arcade ID (generally if on a new unrecognized network), you can find the ID in your SynthesisVR Dashboard in the Arcade Setup section (only via the Advanced view): Once installed it is recommended that you end the SynthesisVR Access Point apps running on all the stations to have them restart (or restart manually after ending the task) so that once they launch the are able to identify and connect to the new installation.

Understanding Idle Playback and Troubleshooting

SynthesisVR lets you play promotional videos and game trailers automatically if your gaming station is IDLE. To activate Idle Playback please click the Settings button on your SynthesisVR Access Point App. SynthesisVR automatically downloads the necessary trailers for the games that are installed on that gaming station. Then Enable Idle Playback as shown below:   Modifying Idle  Playback and Trouble Shooting If you want to modify existing videos or if you want to add videos of your own Click the Tool Icon as shown below: ​ This will bring up the popup shown below: ​ You can go to the default folder as shown above and add your videos or you can create a new folder and have only the videos you would like to be showing. Note: If for some reason you deleted this folder and wanted the videos in the default folder, you can create folder and name it videoCache in the same path as shown above and then Refresh the SynthesisVR Access point. This will download all the trailers associated with the games installed on that PC.   Controlling which trailers to play on Idle Playback There could be trailers of games that you might not want to display on your TV or for some reason if you do not want to show a certain trailer of a game or an experience, Please do the following: Login to your SynthesisVR administration Panel *If you have Simple Menu activated  On the left menu Click Administration – Your Games – Click on the game you want to exclude from Playback – This will open up the below pop up – Select Yes, please skip it from the Exclude from Idle Playback dropdown.   *If you have Advanced Menu activated  On the left menu Click Administration – Games & Licensing – Your Games and follow the same steps as mentioned above.   Black screen during Idle Playback If you have idle playback enabled and the videos are not playing properly or if you see a black screen with a red bar running on top, this means the appropriate trailers and images have not downloaded properly and certain video files might have gotten corrupted. This could happen for various reasons. To rectify this: Go to the folder where your videos are saved, this could be the default videoCache folder or a folder you have created. Sort the files inside this folder by Size. Permanently delete all the files that are below 2mb in size. Restart SynthesisVR Access Point app  

Synthesis VR Proxy – Setup Guide

Synthesis VR Software: Sythesis VR Proxy

Introduction Synthesis VR is a software platform for location-based virtual reality device management and content licensing. Our platform achieves this goal with a “Synthesis” of multiple pieces of software. The heart of Synthesis VR software platform is the Synthesis VR Proxy. What Is The Synthesis VR Proxy? The Synthesis VR Proxy is a communication and cache interface between the Synthesis VR management applications such as: How Does The Synthesis VR Proxy Work? Every Synthesis VR customer is assigned a personal and private AES key (Advanced Encryption Standard) and the communication between the Synthesis VR infrastructure and your Synthesis VR Proxy instance is encrypted with the same key. This ensures your network, despite being connected to the Synthesis infrastructure, is completely isolated. What Does The Synthesis VR Proxy Look Like? The Proxy does not have a GUI (Graphic User Interface), and does not have a “window” to launch or interact with. It is a Windows Service that runs in the background. Therefore, it is lightweight and doesn’t require a powerful system to run. You can find it by going to the Windows Services Manager. The Synthesis VR Proxy can be found here. It is started automatically when the computer is turned on. You can start, stop, or restart the service from the windows services manager. If the Synthesis VR Proxy is stopped, the communication won’t work and you won’t be able to manage your VR devices (manage sessions ; use Voice Chat ; etc). Synthesis VR will not function. The “synthesisvr” Windows Account Upon installing the Proxy, a new synthesisvr Windows Administrator account is created and a random 16 characters password is assigned. The account and the password are used to allow the Proxy service to run on the PC even if all the other Windows users are currently not logged in and interacting with the Desktop. There is no need to ever log in with this user. Where Do I Install The Synthesis VR Proxy? Important Notes On Which Computer Do I Install The Synthesis VR Proxy? The Proxy is typically installed on a computer matching one of these descriptions: *In specific use cases like Enterprise setups or mobile events, the Proxy can be installed on Cloud infrastructure. Installation: SynthesisVR Proxy Step 1: Requirements Step 2: Obtain your Arcade Unique Identifier code An Arcade Unique Identifier code is required to install the Synthesis VR Proxy. Follow these instructions to obtain it Step 3: Download the Synthesis VR Installer Step 4: Open The Installer Step 5: Choose the Install Location Step 6: Choose the Start Menu Folder Step 7: IMPORTANT – Select Synthesis VR Proxy, Unselect Access Point Access Point is selected by default. You must unselect it, and select “SynthesisVR Proxy” Step 8: Enter Your Arcade Unique Identifier Step 9: Close the Installer Install SynthesisVR Proxy on Amazon Cloud FAQ

Voice Chat Service

The “voice chat” is an out-of-the-box feature of SynthesisVR and requires zero configuration. It bridges the input audio from all stations related to the same reservation/session and puts them into a “conference call” where they can communicate with each other and you can communicate with them.  How do I enable the Voice Chat? In the Settings of the Access Point App on each of your stations, choose select the “Enable Voice Services” item and that will start a new background task: This will then launch the Voice Chat service and the interface. If you open the interface, you can change the microphone and headphone if necessary: That’s mostly it. Going forward, people within the same session will be able to hear each other regardless of whether they are in a multiplayer game or not.Customers, from within the VR interface, can also turn this off (or back on) for their individual station if they don’t want to be part of the conversation.From the V3.x interface:From the V4.x interface:  Using the Voice Chat to talk to your customers All the Voice functionalities are based on the related Voice Over IP (VoIP) protocols and work via:1) Browser2) Third party apps for Windows ; Linux ; Android ; iOS3) Standalone VoIP devices4) Regular phones with ATA adapters Configuring a third party app Although all apps will have a different interface, they have a couple common configuration parameters. Lets use the Zoiper app as an example (available for all 4 major OS).1) Install Zoiper ( Go to “Settings >> Create a new account”3) Select “SIP” as “Account type” and click on “Next”4) Fill the following credentials:a. User / user@host => 1000@ (replace with the local IP of the PC where you installed the SynthesisVR’s “VR Main Server” mode )b. Password => 3420c. Domain / Outbound proxy => [KEEP IT EMPTY]5) On the next screen, enable the “Skip auto-detection” option and click on “Next” and then click on “Close”.For Windows, we recommend the MicroSIP app ( MicroSIP account configuration:  What numbers I can dial? Each of your VR stations has an individual and unique “phone number”. If a station number is 10001:1) Dial 99910001 to reach to the individual station alone. To do that, you don’t need an active session in place.2) Dial 88710001 to reach to the conference call and talk with all the players in a session. The full conference session number is displayed on the “Your Arcade” page of your Dashboard and clicking on the gear icon in the top right of a station:  Additional notes:1) The 1000 number is reserved for the Operator’s account. Its password is 3420.2) If you have the “VR Main Server” and “VR Station” modes both installed on the same PC, you may experience chunky audio with that particular station.3) If a customer mutes the Voice Chat, you are still able to call into that individual station and have a conversation.4) Third party firewalls and Antivirus software may block the audio. Please ensure the following network ports are not blocked (don’t forget to check your router as well):a. VR Main Server – TCP – 8021 ; 7443 ; 5066 ; 5060 ; 8020b. VR Main Server – UDP – 16384-32768c. VR Station – UDP – 5020 ; 4000-5000

Adding an External Game to SynthesisVR Game Menus

Currently, SynthesisVR has 25 “spots” for external games, using the following code numbers: Each code above would represent a single game/executable. To set up an external game/experience, please follow these steps: (please keep in mind this has to be done on each gaming station running SynthesisVR Access Point app) On your Taskbar Right Click on SynthesisVR Icon – Click Content Overview On the pop up Click Local Content – Click Select and select the path to the exe file and then Click Save as shown below: You will now see these “Random” games in the “Your Games” section through the Administration page. From there, you can click on the game and edit the image, the description, the trailer url, etc. One last point, once a game has been assigned to a specific ID, it needs to be the same ID across all stations.