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Experience Types

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  1. From the Administration menu, click the 3 dots in the top right to bring up the Options menu and then click on the “Experience Types” button.

  1. Note that the Experience Types highlighted here are not able to be edited and are part of all SynthesisVR installations. For all ones that you add, you will see the “Edit” button.

  1. Click on 3 dots in the top right to being up the Options menu and then click on the the “Add New Experience Type” button.

  1. Click on the “Enable For VR Arcades +” button and that will add a drop down menu choice allowing you to choose which arcade location(s) you want this particular Experience Type to be available. If you have more than one arcade/location, you’ll need to add multiple locations by clicking the “Enable For VR Arcades +” button again for as many locations as you have. You will then click on the drop down menu to choose each location.

  1. Enter in the title of the Experience Type in the “Title” section. Enter in the description of the Experience Type in the “Description” section. Note that the description will appear in your online booking widget, so keep it informative and concise.

  1. If you’ll be using SynthesisVR to initiate recordings in this particular experience type, choose “Always Capturing” or “Disabled, but can be turned on by the operator” in the “Video Recording On File” drop down menu, otherwise leave it at “Disabled” to not allow video recording. If you want this Experience Type to show in the online booking widget, choose “Yes” from the drop down menu in “Show as Book Now option”, otherwise leave it at “No”. If this Experience Type should only be available to Admins, choose yes from the drop down menu in “Only Visible To Admins”, otherwise leave it at “No”.

  1. For “Uses SynthesisVR Overly”, you would leave this at “No” if your arcade will not use the SynthesisVR interface at your stations. For example, if you use PSVR or a system that has no end user input for game choice. This still leaves SVR to control things such as online bookings via the booking widget or for integration with waivers through SVR and also allows tracking of the time of a session in your dashboard. If you are using the SVR interface at each of your stations, then this option would need to be set to “Yes”.

  1. If this Experience Type is for all stations, then choose “Yes” from the “Complete Stations Booking” drop down menu. This will be most useful for walk in sessions for a full venue and will save a few steps. This would also be good for online bookings for full venue reservations. If this is for individual stations or anything less than the full venue booking, then choose “No” from the drop down menu.

  1. If you’d like your Experience Types sorted manually, you will want to enter in the number position within the list you want this Experience Type listed within the “Position On The List” section. Sorting manually will allow you to see them in a specific order when making a reservation and through online bookings, etc. This section is not required and if left blank, Experience Types are sorted by when they were entered.

  1. Once you’ve entered in all the necessary (and optional) sections, you will see that the “Save” button is now solid and clickable. Click that to save, otherwise your edits will be lost. If you want to exit and start over click the tiny “x” button in the top right of the window or click the “Hide” button at the bottom of the window.
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