Cloud Proxy for VR Arcades – Amazon / AWS

1. Obtain your Proxy Activation Code 2. Subscribe for the SynthesisVR Proxy Image on the AWS Marketplace and launch your instance We do recommend the Medium General Purpose AWS instances (t2.medium ; t3.medium ; t3a.medium). As with any other AWS Windows-based instances, make sure your RDP port allows external connections or you could be unable […]

Modules: Standalone Game Server

Many of the free roam titles and premium games requires a server instance. That instance is running on a separate PC and that PC cannot be used for any actual gameplay. In the common case, it is used to configure specific game parameters and provide spectator functionalities. There are few issues coming out of that: […]

VR Stations

Before you can schedule or start a session, you’ll need to assign Experience types to your PC Stations using the following steps. From the Administration menu, Arcade Setup (tab) and then click on the “VR Stations” button. Click on the 3 dots in the top right which will bring up your Option menu and then […]

Experience Types

From the Left Menu – Click Administration – Arcade Setup – and then click on the “Experience Types” button. Click on the “New Experience Type” button on the left and then fill the information in the popup. Click on the “Enable For VR Arcades +” button and that will add a drop down menu choice […]

Adding More Stations To Your Arcade

Follow the instructions here for installing the Access Point: Once your Access Point(s) are installed, head to Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions Be sure to select the proper subscription in the Essential section. If subscribing more stations to a trial, be sure to select the SynthesisVR Trail subscription option. Once you select […]

Creating and Assigning Game Categories

Synthesis VR game categories allow you to choose which games are available for customers to choose from. They also can act as filters as you will see below. By default SynthesisVR will include all downloaded games as available game options during sessions. Once a game category is setup and assigned, only those games will be […]

Adding / Updating Credit Card On File

In order to subscribe to Synthesis VR and license games, you will need to put a credit card on file. Also if you need to update the credit card on file you can do so with the following steps. Head to the SynthesisVR Billing Tab (in the Arcade Setup tab in the Advanced View of […]

Subscribing To Synthesis VR

Pre-Subscription Optional. Make sure that you have the Access Point App installed on all your stations as per the instructions found here: the station software is installed, continue below: Enter in Your Credit Card information. From your SynthesisVR Dashboard, head over to Administration >> Arcade Setup >> SynthesisVR Subscriptions. Once in the Subscriptions section, click […]

Synthesis VR Installation

Download Synthesis VR: Head over to and click the Full Version Button to download the latest SynthesisVR installer. Installing Synthesis VR Proxy: Note that only one Proxy should be installed in an arcade. On the PC you want to install the server, open the installation file. Follow the installation pop-up window and select the […]