Games Not Launching

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This is likely due to a new EULA requiring accepting. There are two ways to get past this.

Method 1:

When a customer is in a session and a game doesn’t launch, go into the Access Point app, choose settings, and then check the “Disable Steam Lock” option. Have the customer navigate to the “Steam” bubble at the bottom of the menus and they should see the new EULA which they can accept. Once they accept. the game will launch. You should then uncheck the “Disable Steam Lock”.

Method 2:

Open the Steam App. Click on the Steam Menu Button at the top left and choose exit (versus exiting with the X button in the top right):

Launch Steam again and when it loads up, go to your Library and find the game in question. Launch the game through the Steam Library and you will be presented with the EULA that you can accept and the game will launch.

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