Synthesis VR Proxy – Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot the SynthesisVR Proxy? 1) Access the “Run” prompt by press the Windows key + R 2) Type: services.msc 3) Scroll down the list until you find SynthesisVR – Proxy 4) If the service is not running, click on the “Start” option on the left side (or the Restart button). You should see […]

QuarkXR – Troubleshooting Guide

QuarkXR consists of two parts – Server and Client. The Server is installed on your Windows PC and adds a special driver. The Client is what’s installed on your Android-based HMD (Quest/Pico/Focus 3). There are a couple of things that could go wrong in the setup. If you have trouble pairing an HMD with a […]

Streaming from PCVR to Standalone HMD

Pico Neo 2 / Pico Neo 3 Pro If the streaming seems to work well, but the visual quality is low – open the Pico’s Streaming Assistant app, click on “Settings” and change the Image Quality to “Normal” or “HD”. If you are experiencing sensible lag with the stream, to check your WiFi environment. Next […]

SynthesisVR Log

For troubleshooting purposes and support related issues SynthesisVR log files provide a necessary insight on what could be the issue or for support team to better decipher a certain problem or track an activity. In cases like this knowing how to access to log file and sending it over to support is very important. To […]

Making Sure Time Is In Sync

To make sure your arcade is operating effeciently, all stations and server/proxy pc (if you use a separate PC for the server/proxy) should have the same, and ideally correct, time. We recommend using the app NetTime. To download, head over here: download the latest stable version (3.14 at the time of this writing)Install should be […]

A game stay on "Installing" in Steam, but nothing happens

If you just licensed a game, but it stays on “Installing” inside Steam, you are experiencing an issue that started with the Steam’s update to their new interface. To sort it out: Go to Steam – Settings Go to “Web Browser” menu and click the Cache and Cookies: Go to Downloads – Click the CLEAR […]

Synthesis VR Updater Not Working

Synthesis VR Updater Not Working Symptoms: You have downloaded the Synthesis VR Updater program via the content event button and attempting to update the stations as described in this guide , but the update does not succeed.  Before proceeding please restart your pc. If the issue persists continue to diagnose.  Diagnose: Navigate to  C:\SynthesisVR Exclusive Content\4301\ […]

New Station or Hardware Changes

First Time Installation 1) Use the latest SynthesisVR Installer from Go into your SynthesisVR web administration account and navigate to “Administration >> Arcade Setup >> VR Stations” 3) You will see the PC listed in there with the actual name of your computer.4) Go to the “SynthesisVR Subscriptions” from the image above and Subscribe […]

Desktop App not syncing or Starting Issue

Once you start a session on the administration portal and your gaming station does not start there could be a few possibilities to why this did not happen. Please make sure the Server PC and all the gaming stations have the same time and time zone. There have been many cases where the same time […]

SteamVR Audio Issues

We have got multiple reports about disappearing audio upon a game launch or at other occasions. If you are experiencing weird loss of audio, it may worth giving a try to the following guide.   Set the SteamVR Audio settings to Default   Setup your audio output through Windows       Note: “Microphone (USB Audio Device) […]