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Required SynthesisVR version: 3.12.4

In some setups, you may have Synthesis running on a VR station having 2 or more network adapters. In those cases, Synthesis will use the first connected adapter to determinate its settings.
If you would like to change that, you have to add the following line to both your Access Point and Server Mode (Proxy):

  • "preferredMac": "001122334455",

where 001122334455 is the MAC address of the adapter you would like to default to.
For the “Access Point” app, add that line to:

  • %localappdata%\SynthesisVR\app\Resources\localmanifest.json

For the Server Mode (Proxy):

  • C:\Users\synthesisvr\AppData\Local\SynthesisVR\op.json

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