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Location Based Virtual Reality League (LBVRL)

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LBVRL is available for all SynthesisVR customers and doesn’t imply any additional SynthesisVR subscriptions or fees.
The only condition is to have the specific League game being licensed via the SynthesisVR platform.


  • In the old interface – go to “Administration >> Global Arcade Settings”
  • In the new interface – go to “Administration” and click on the name of your arcade.
  • Fill your website domain name under the “Domain” field (don’t use http or https). Example:
  • Locate the “GPS Latitude” and “GPS Longitude” settings and set them exact coordinates of your


  • Start a VR session with an actual customer assigned to it. The customer can be also assigned after the start of the
  • Play the
  • Close the
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