Reading Sessions & Goods Data Through API

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1. Create a new API rule (similarly to or edit an existing one and assign the “customers” permission.

2. The customers data is available in both – JSON and XLSX formats.

HTTP GET Request:
The result is suitable for automation in third party tools and backends.



  • day/date=2019-07-12

ENDPOINT = sessions OR goods
TYPE = json OR xlsx
RANGE = indicates how many days should be returned after the main date (which can be set through the search criteria). The range value consist of an integer value (1) and a period string (hour ; day ; month ; year). Combinations are possible as well:

  • 1 month 5 days
  • 2 months 3 days
  • 1 day 8 hours

SEARCH CRITERIA = a space separated string. Support the following options:

  • date=[YYYY-MM-DD] — specifies the start date for the RANGE value (mandatory in the common case)
  • date>[YYYY-MM-DD] — equal or great than the specified date
  • date<[YYYY-MM-DD] — equal or less than the specified date
  • crdate=[YYYY-MM-DD] — search by creation date
  • today — considers the current date
  • upcoming — any reservation that isn’t yet used
  • skip_api — ignore all sessions created through the API (i.e. skip all sessions booked online)
  • api_only — return only the online session
  • customer:[ID] — obtain results for a specific customer account
  • label:[ID] — obtain results based on a label(tag) ID
  • uuid:[UUID] — lookup a specific session by its SynthesisVR Session ID
  • externaluuid:[UUID] — lookup one or more sessions by an external UUID (supplied to Synthesis at creation time)
  • [free text] — can be used to search based on customer name, email address, phone number and other specific information. It doesn’t require a prefix as with the options above.
  • comments — extract the comments data (only for JSON exports)
  • phone — include the customer phone number to the export

Note: Anything described above as [something] have to be replaced with the actual value you are looking for.

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