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1) Create a category

2) Open any existing reservation

3) Click on the desired label. Once the label selection popup gets hidden, the changes would get automatically saved.

The label would be displayed on the reservations list as well:

4) You would be able to filter the reservations by the labels:

Real life usage case

If you don’t yet have any employees, you definitely would have to hire some as your business grows. Then, you would create them “Operator” SynthesisVR accounts, as you wouldn’t want them to have full control over your setup. With this, certain functionalities would be limited. To name few:

  • They wouldn’t be able to set custom reservation cost (something you can do as arcade owners)
  • They wouldn’t be able to delete reservations that are already “Used”

As we are all humans, your employees would do mistakes from time to time and you would be the one that would supervise and take care to “fix” their mistakes. In the regular case, your employees would let you a reservation comment, so you can take care for it. With the business growth, you may end up having 20, 30, 100+ reservations per day and it may become difficult and time consuming to check the comments one by one. However, if your staff add a comment and add a label to the reservation, you would be able to take care significantly faster. We are sure you would be able to think of more usage cases and we are eager to hear them.

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