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Synthesis VR Setup – Installation

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Synthesis VR Setup – Installation

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Synthesis VR Installation: Introduction

Synthesis VR is a VR Location Management Software Platform in which the primary goal is to have a primary server PC communicate with numerous VR Station PCs/Headsets.

This installation process is conducted on at least 2 separate computers. Synthesis VR is comprised of two separate programs, the Synthesis VR Proxy (Server), and the Synthesis VR Access Point (Station).

Note: In order to conduct the installation process you will need to have an Arcade Unique Identifier provided to you by our support team

Step 1: Download Synthesis VR

Step 2: Install The Synthesis VR Proxy (Server)

  • Identify and access the main “master” PC you wish to install the Synthesis VR Proxy (Server) on
  • Note that only one Proxy should be installed in an arcade.
  • On the PC you want to install the proxy, open the installation file.
  • Follow the installation pop-up window and select the destination to be installed. This should not need to be changed.
  • IMPORTANT: SELECT SynthesisVR Proxy and UN-SELECT Access Point as shown below. 

Note: Arcade Unique Identifier Required

  • During the installation you’ll be asked for your Arcade Unique Identifier.
  • Your Arcade Unique Identifier would have been supplied to you by the Synthesis VR team.
  • Note: If you do not have an Arcade Unique Identifier, reach out to our team to receive one.

  • After entering the Arcade Unique Identifier click on “Authorize”.
  • Your installation is complete when the “Close” button becomes available.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can close the installer.

Step 3: Install Synthesis VR Access Point (Station)

This Access Point App will need to be installed on all gaming stations.

  • Identify and access another PC you wish to be a VR Station. This PC must be a separate PC from which you installed the Synthesis VR Proxy
  • Download the Synthesis VR Installer if you have not already done so on this PC.
  • Note: Make sure you have SteamVR running prior to installing the Synthesis VR Access Point
  • Reminder: Each station needs to have a different Steam account attached to it.
  • Open the Synthesis VR installation file (the same one downloaded for the Server).
  • Follow the installation pop-up window and select the destination to be installed. This should not need to be changed.

  • Select “ACCESS POINT
  • Click Install.
  • Click “Closeonce the installation is done.
  • Congratulations! Your Synthesis VR Access Point has been successfully installed.
  • Once the VR Station is successfully installed, Synthesis VR Access Point app will pop up on your taskbar, the icon tray, and desktop.

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