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SynthesisVR supports custom waiver forms which can also be used as customer registration forms as well. By using SynthesisVR waiver forms you save money from subscribing to 3rd party waiver forms and with inbuilt customer registration you can track all your customers.

How to customize waiver form:

Head to Administration >> PRO >> Online & Email Settings >> Web Templates

The following templates have to be modified:

  • waiver_text
  • waiver_parents_text

Both of these are HTML formatted and would need to be edited accordingly. Please reach out to us for help with this if needed.

To add your logo in the waiver form edit this template:

  • logo

The logo needs to be a publicly accessible image. Please let us know if you need hosting help.

How to access the waiver for your customers:

  • Click Dashboard on your admin panel
  • You will see a Waiver Form button.

Clicking this will open a pop up. You can copy this link on a tablet or any smart device and use it for client registration as well

Note that if you need to have the waiver access outside of your arcade, please check this link:

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