KOORING Wonderland VR

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Amazing kids VR Experience!

Los Angeles – June, 2020

Introducing KOORING Wonderland VR, an amazing VR experience build ground up for kids all ages. A VR adventure about two friends Kooring and Tooring. Kooring is on the mission of rescuing his friend Tooring and bring back love and laughter to their Wonderland.

In order to rescue his friend he seeks help from a warrior and this is where your role comes to play. This wonderful experience is filled with several challenging circumstances and cool tricks. You as the savior of the Wonderland will have to confront the beasts and the other creatures that come along your way to rescue Tooring. To get this done you will be bestowed with magical tricks and several cool instruments and tool for each challenge incorporated. This mixture of several types of experience can be a great amusement for the kids and keeps them fully immersed.

On the accomplishment of each challenge you will be moving forward with Kooring, helping him that much closer to rescuing Tooring. The amazing atmosphere and the elements on the environment, the brilliant colors captures great attention of the players and creates a very cheerful set up. Leaving the kids with great amusement and satisfaction. The developers have made great effort in retaining the immersion of the experience and hope for more updates in the future.

The games are very engaging and with easy to use controllers and game play this is a sure to hit among kids and families.

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