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Los Angeles, CA (March 09, 2021)

POINTY ENDS is an accessible fast-paced PVP battle with up to 4 players. Missing players? Not to worry, noble bots will fill in. POINTY ENDS was launched in early February in collaboration with Alter Eyes, and the response among locations has been overwhelmingly positive.

Synthesis VR is always listening to the feedback provided by our customers, locations, and partners. A few things stood out from the feedback we got:

  • No Tutorial – The game starts straightaway and this could be overwhelming for newbies or certain players
  • Connectivity issues and load times
  • Can’t select time limits or rounds
  • and more

SynthesisVR always pays attention to our customer feedback, we went back to work with the game studio who has been great to work with, and after a lot of back and forth came up with a solution to make this happen.

What does the new update contain?

  • NEW Feature: Tutorial
  • NEW Feature: Dedicated Spectator Mode
  • NEW Feature: Play again button for longer play sessions
  • NEW Feature: 3 additional SynthesisVR plugins, allowing control over the number of rounds and the round duration
  • Improved weapon handling (crossbow and mace)
  • Improved lighting
  • Improved performance
  • Multi-region support for optimized network latency

New Game Plugins

Game plugins are a first for VR platforms introduced by SynthesisVR, a cool and efficient way to improve operator launch efficiency and give operators the flexibility to select certain options supported by each game. With the new update, we have introduced three new plugins as shown below.

Now operators can define the following features and launch the game in one click, SynthesisVR does the rest for you!


A special shoutout to @RAMARCUS for helping us with the issues, troubleshooting, and working tirelessly in making POINTY ENDS an even better game for location-based VR entertainment centers.

Check out @RAMARCUS YOUTUBE Video here

What makes Pointy Ends great for locations?

  • Operator Launch Options

  • Player Profiles
  • Leaderboard Integration
    • Thanks to deeper level integration with the game SynthesisVR is happy to announce Pointy Ends supporting Leaderboard integration. This enables the locations to create local and global tournaments with a few clicks without the headache of trying to maintain your own leaderboard, SynthesisVR updates the scores automatically on a daily basis, creating excitement and customer retention.

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