Synthesis VR’s Versatile Online Booking is Second To None

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Millennial takeover

In todays digital age, almost all commerce can be done entirely online. Other then ordering in a new wardrobe, and having your groceries delivered, you can order a personal chauffeur to whisk you away within minutes, find your next date, even have an echeck-up with your doctor all from your smart phone. Millennials who have grown up completely in the digital age expect this type of instant accessibility and are a core demographic for LBVR locations. Millennials who have an estimated $200 billion purchasing power are placing more value in experiences than they are in physical items. Making virtual reality experiences easily accessible through online booking has been a priority of Synthesis VR. Today we are going to discuss some of the features that make Synthesis VR’s online booking system the most versatile LBVR solution in the world.

You call the shots

No 2 arcades or entertainment complexes are built the same. Synthesis VR believes that you should be able to dictate to your booking software the way you would like it to run. Too often companies pigeon hole their operations purely based on the capabilities of 3rd party software or lack there of. There are already a multitude of virtual reality experiences being offered to the public ranging from, room scale stations, seated simulator experiences, free roam experiences, and VR treadmills. With Sythensis VR’s arcade management platform, you can have every experience bookable online with custom cost, duration, and discounts. You can give automatic discounts for certain days of the week, for certain experiences, or require a discount code. You can offer a price break if a certain number or stations are rented or build a party experience and provide one price to rent every station at once.


Anything your entertainment center offers can be completely integrated with one booking system for all services. Through virtual experiences you can even make non vr experiences bookable online like, traditional escape rooms or 2D gaming consoles. What makes Synthesis VR’s booking system truly unique is the ability to have multiple experiences tied to the same hardware or space. For example, an arcade with limited space, has an open floor plan with 4 room scale wireless vr stations and 4 racing simulators. The racing simulators use the same headsets that the room scale does. The arcade also offers a  4 player escape room and a 4 player free roam that runs in the same space as the room scale stations. An arcade who subscribes to sysnthes VR can have each experienced tied to the same equipment. So if a group books the 4 player escape room, the room scale and racing simulators would be removed from being available. If 2 people wanted to race, then those 2 room scale stations would be removed as well as the 4 player experiences. What is really slick is synthesis VR can redo chaperone boundaries based off the experience type. So if the free roam experience is booked, when the operator launches the reservation, the boundaries will be redrawn for the entire space. If the next group booked room scale, when the reservation is launched, the boundaries will be redrawn for room scale. If the racing simulator is booked, the boundaries will be set for a seated experience. While this scenario may not apply to your specific arcade, as space and equipment reaches capacity, having a flexible system will prove invaluable in the future.

Profile, Memberships, & Rewards

Profiles-When customers book online, they create a user profile. This profile allows them to store points, track high scores, extend their sessions while inside the headset, or even start their session without an attendant by just tapping an NFC Card.
Membership Booking – Synthesis VR’s membership feature is completely integrated with online booking. Not only can a membership be purchased online but the member can book online and have their monthly time reloaded automatically.
Reward Redemption – Customers are also able to book reservations with points they earn through Synthesis VR’s reward and loyalty program.

Customization & Simplicity

The best part about online booking is just how easy it is the use and create. With a couple of button clicks you can create a completely responsive booking widget to embed on your website. With easily customizable  style you can match it to your own brands look and feel.
To get a look firsthand at what the online booking system is capable or to talk to one of our industry professionals about how to implement it for your specific needs please contact us here.


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