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SynthesisVR is now in use in over 90 locations worldwide and our VR and online services are used by thousand of people on daily bases. Few of those locations are actually running under our own VR Territory arcade chain (recently featured in a Hell’s Kitchen episode). As arcade owners, we also pays our fair portion to the “out-of-home” VR ecosystem and that includes licensing fee for all the games we offer to our customers.
At the same time, it is obvious that what is “fair” in specific regions comes as being too expensive in other regions and, when you have to pay 30 to 50% of your revenue just for content licenses, you can fall for certain shady business practices. We know all you want is to show the world how awesome is VR and to do that, you should not live in fear and suffer in your marketing efforts. We realized that long time ago and we took actions by allowing the VR studios to offer fair, country specific, license rates.

Today, we are thrilled to announce Survios has partnered with SynthesisVR into our efforts for a friendly VR ecosystem.

Here is what Sam White (Survios Partnerships Director) said for SynthesisVR:
As one of the first developers to develop games exclusively for VR and one of the first supporters of VR arcades as a breakthrough in location-based entertainment, Survios is thrilled to make all of its industry-leading VR experiences available through Synthesis to arcades worldwide.
From our debut title—the now-classic shooter Raw Data—through our latest, the critically-acclaimed CREED: Rise to Glory, we’ve worked to accommodate the unique needs of arcade operators by building arcade-specific settings into all our games, including simpler player onboarding, streamlined menus, and custom game modes to allow for more enjoyable single- and multiplayer experiences. Whether your customers want to feel like an elite athlete with the physically intense CREED or Sprint Vector, become badass cyberpunk heroes in Raw Data, or just channel their inner superstar DJ with the music creation experience Electronauts, Survios’s self-developed titles are sure to add fun and variety to your arcade library.
We’re similarly dedicated to publishing third-party VR titles that we feel are fantastic fits for our arcade partners both in their content and functionality. Our initial publishing pickup, Smashbox Arena, is a madcap dodgeball-inspired battle arena that’s sure to be a hit with parties, while our just-announced offering Just in Time, Inc. combines the mind-bending fun of bullet time with easy, family-friendly gameplay.
Finally, Survios is proud to partner with Synthesis to offer country-based rates on all our current and upcoming experiences, ensuring your arcade gets the best price no matter where you’re located. Thanks for supporting Survios in your arcade, and we welcome all Synthesis partners to get in touch with us at with any questions you may have.

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