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VR Now and Tomorrow


Working closely with hundreds of developers and location based entertainment centers (LBE) , virtual reality arcades and family entertainment centers (FEC), Synthesis VR will be publishing a series of articles on How we help arcade (#HOWVHELPVR) topics based on our talks, analytics and the data collected with these above mentioned entities.


Current Status of LBEs & VR Arcades

  • Virtual reality dedicated arcades popping up everywhere in the world from a minimum of 2 stations and in some cases 20 or more stations
  • Arcades and LBEs using VR dedicated hardware such as treadmills, fitness equipment and various other apparatus to enhance the user experience (does always enhance the experience)
  • Larger LBEs and FECs adding VR as an added attraction to their existing venues
  • Theme parks like six flags embracing VR and having VR roller coasters and other R Attractions
  • Large scale VR theme parks such as VOID and the up and coming Spaces. Also attractions like VR Zone in Shinjuku, Japan.


With theme parks and large venues having investors and a big budget in marketing behind them, it is very easy for them to attract customers, we on the other hand want to take a look at small to medium location based entertainment and virtual reality arcades. 


Running a successful Business

Certain points to consider in this new business.

  • It is a new industry
  • Local community outreach is very important. Attracting new customers is hard but retaining customers is the hardest part. Creating programs within the local community, schools and colleges is your best bet in customer retention
  • Hold events and parties
  • Hold events based on holidays & religious days

Try multiple methods, this is a new industry and no one has cracked the “so called code”. If someone says they know how to run a successful vr arcade, run as far from them. don’t be afraid to try new methods and if nothing works GIVE FREE ICE CREAM or COFFEE.


Remember this!


Best Practices

If the things aren’t going well during the weekdays, specially during the months of September, October, January and February. Studies show these are some of the slowest months for LBE and VR Arcades in North America, it is time to try a differently approach:

  • Daily weekday (1pm to 6pm) discounts
  • Kids specials and after school special discounts
  • Night discounts (every Wednesday or Thursday 7 to 10pm) – Times may vary by community.
  • Be consistent with events. Hold weekly or monthly events and stick to a consistent schedule so your customers can plan around it and plan for it.

Other ways to attract customers:

  • Group discounts
  • Feedback option with discount
  • High school reunion discounts
  • Gift cards
  • Creating your own Coupons
  • Marketing with Groupon

Synthesis VR supports real time discounts online and for walk ins, group discounts, multiple experiences catering to a wider audience and different pricing.


Best Practices – Continued

  • Do Not Provide any weekend or holiday discounts

Customer Retention

As mentioned above, retaining customers is the hardest part in any business. Using some of the cool features provided by Synthesis VR, this can be achieved with ease:

  • Arcade membership options
  • Weekly and Monthly events based on local community activity, themes and holidays
  • Providing multiple experiences, different pricing targeting different customer base
  • Pay Per Game option – A popular new feature we found talking to various arcades is the new interest in certain games. With Synthesis VR you can provide experience based on certain games.



The main key to running a successful business is not just a good VR experience but a GREAT Overall experience.

Keep yourself tuned and we will be adding more great practices, how to minimize expenses and key features that can help run a profitable and successful business in this new and emerging market. For more questions on how we can help and other features please do not hesitate to email us at

At Synthesis VR we are at the forefront of introducing new features, creating an ecosystem that helps arcades and developers thrive in this fledgling but exciting industry.


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