Audio Trip Has All The Right Moves

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Audio Trip Has All The Right Moves

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. Through motion, we express our self to the rhythm of the drums. When Ashley Cooper and Brady Wright of Kinemotik Studios began to dream up what the studios’ debut title would be, they knew they wanted to create an experience in virtual reality that engaged the player’s entire body. After almost 2 years of creating, testing, and redesigning, that dream has become Audio Trip and its ready to get bodies moving and heads bumping across the globe.


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Audio Trip is the definitive VR dance game. Players move their bodies to catch colored gems, ride ribbons, smash drums, and dodge barriers. Successfully completing the game’s task moves the player’s body in such a way, it results in a completely choreographed dance. Each song has its own unique and surreal environment that tells its story. 


Audio Trip features music from some of the most well-known music artists in the industry including  Skrillex, Zedd, and deadmau5. Players will enjoy their trip even more, grooving to these tunes. Each punchy track was selected for its adrenaline-pumping rhythms and exuberant melodies.


Ashley Cooper, a professional dancer, and architect, and Brady Wright, a seasoned  VR developer formally of Owlchemy Labs created Kinemotik Studios with the goal of making people move mentally, emotionally, and physically. Ashley drawing from her extensive knowledge in dance and yoga and Brady’s knowledge of VR interaction having worked on titles such as Rick and Morty: Virtual-rickality and Vacation Simulator, created a fun and engaging experience with an exceptional artist lineup.


Audio Trip is available now on Synthesis VR with a 50% off launch promo. Get your guests moving and license Audio Trip for your venue today. Click Here for more info.




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