Space Junkies Arcade Update

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Space Junkies Arcade Update

Space Junkies Arcade is a player vs player VR shooter by Ubisoft where you fly around orbital arenas  and face off in team death matches. Visually striking maps and  spacial audio make for immersive battles. With  intuitive controls , multiple weapons, and easy multiplayer, Space Junkies is a great VR arcade experience that supported up to 4 players. With this update now supporting a total of 6 players, and bots to allow single player action among other new content, Ubisoft is doubling the fun.


Complete updates include:

  • 3v3 – Space Junkies now supports 3 vs 3 teams.
  • Bots – Players can now play alone against bots allowing single player action even offline. Also even out teams with a bot when there are an odd number of players
  • New Map – A new map, “The Jail” is geared towards close and medium range making malay weapons like the sword fun to play with.
  • New Weapon – The Bowminator is specialty bow weapon allows you to quick-shoot three arrows at once, or keep the string pulled to combine them into one super-powerful shot!
  • New Game Mode – In the new game mode Chivalry, players against each other armed only with a bow, a sword and a shield
  • New Character – Mental Mollusk is a new squad character.




If you already license Space Junkies, the update can be downloaded now through Uplay. To learn more about Space Junkies arcade and license it for your location click here.


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