Projects CARS Pro Races Onto Synthesis VR

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Projects CARS Pro Races Onto Synthesis VR

Project CARS developed by Slightly Mad Studios is well known for its diverse racing content, impressive visuals, and realistic physics. The original Project CARS was one of the first racing titles with VR support, giving players the ability to completely immerse themselves in the racing experience. Virtual reality racing paired with a force feedback steering wheel, pedals, shifter, and motion platform can provide a very realistic racing experience. Now with Project CARS Pro, operators have a true location-based software solution needed to offer such an awesome experience.

Project Cars Pro encompasses all the AAA-game technology and gameplay from the critically-acclaimed Project CARS franchise, packaged with a feature-rich operator toolkit. Operators have a control panel to control race parameters before launch as well as in-game control. Racers have a streamlined interface making it easy to start the fun

Features Include:

LAN Multiplayer: Players are automatically joined on the local network when selecting a multiplayer. The first player in becomes the host and subsequent players are added to the match.

Content: Extensive list of world renown cars and tracks including the option to set which are available. Operators can give options or select one car and track so the players will go directly to the race.

Session Duration: Manage by laps, races or time.

Driver-assist: Multiple levels of difficulty with driver-assist to keep new players on track and competitive players challenged.

Customize: Set weather, seasons, and time of day.

VR Mode: Easily enable and disable VR mode for traditional 2d racing with support for up to 3 screens.

VR Control: Operators and payers can easily recenter their view.

Hardware Support: Motion seat platforms and expansive wheel support.

Project CARS Pro is now distributed directly through Synthesis VR’s own CDN. Synthesis VR’s distribution network is a true business-class solution allowing for tighter control over downloading, launching, tracking, updating, and protecting content in a commercial environment. With the announcement of Project CARS Pro, Synthesis VR has also announced a free version of its platform, allowing operators to license and control its CDN content in their business without a Synthesis VR subscription.

Project CARS Pro is available with both monthly and pay per minute options. Click here for more info.

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