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Decorate Easter Eggs Virtual Reality Style   ABC Paint Easter Update Just in time for the holiday, ABC Paint has released an update with a secret Easter theme level for your guest to find. Once they do, they cant paint the easter eggs and bunny! ABC Paint is a simple but fun multiplayer VR drawing experience  Read more ➝

Holla, With a great pleasure, we are happy to index a news. We all have our favorite team. We follow, love and support it. We are all busy people, but if we have the opportunity, we are at the stadium. However, if you are lucky, that opportunity comes once every few years. It often involves  Read more ➝

    We are pleased to present you Marc Perez, Director of Production at Game Troopers – the studio behind the hit game “Overkill VR”. The game has a Bronze medal in the Steam’s “Best of 2017 Virtual Reality Games”. Today, we are taking a dive into his vision on VR, the LBVR sector in  Read more ➝

Hi Folks, The past few months were quite of a journey for us and we are happy to finally share some news with you!   We are pleased to announce SynthesisVR 3.6 is out now!   With versions 3.4 and 3.5, we brought a good number of updates to further polish SynthesisVR and make it work  Read more ➝

VR Now and Tomorrow   Working closely with hundreds of developers and location based entertainment centers (LBE) , virtual reality arcades and family entertainment centers (FEC), Synthesis VR will be publishing a series of articles on How we help arcade (#HOWVHELPVR) topics based on our talks, analytics and the data collected with these above mentioned  Read more ➝

Top Games to offer during Halloween   Halloween is almost here. Synthesis VR has some great virtual reality games for VR Arcades and location based entertainment centers just in time for Halloween.   Escape Bloody Mary Though there are a few scary title out there, Escape Bloody Mary is an old fashioned escape room scare game that will keep  Read more ➝

As we are getting closer to the end of one very extensive October and we would like to recap on what has happened.   SynthesisVR 3.4 is out We added a static desktop timer functionality (turn it on from the desktop settings). During the VR sessions, the timer would stay on top of all your  Read more ➝