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Commercially License ROBOT ONSLAUGHT

We’re excited to announce the addition of the acclaimed free-roam experience: Robot Onslaught, to our catalog of games. As you might expect, the game centers around players taking on the roles of high-tech security personnel and protecting their resources from enemies. Scoring points along the way, this incredible VR title offers significant free-roaming for players that want to really immerse themselves in an experience with abundant space to explore and utilize strategically against incoming threats.

“In the 22nd Century, globe-spanning megacorporations live and die by their data. A rival megacorp has launched an invasion of your corporate HQ, sending in waves of attack bots to steal your Datagem and all of the crucial information it contains.”

Objective: On the rooftop, protect the Datagem from the onslaught as you await emergency extraction. Grab power-ups and place force shields around the roof to gain an edge against the robots. See how many waves your team can get through, and compete to get the highest score!”

Impressive Features

Some impressive elements regarding Robot Onslaught include being able to set the play area for 12ft x 12ft, which supports 3 players. Increasing the play area to 20ft x 20ft allows for up to 6 players to play and works seamlessly with or without a dedicated game server. Additionally, Robot Onslaught includes offline multiplayer functionality and SynthesisVR One-Click Multiplayer options that enable multiple players to join seamlessly at the click of a button.

To add to the impressive list of features, Robot Onslaught is supported by SynthesisVR’s leaderboard. The SynthesisVR leaderboard is a cornerstone of VR due to its ability to facilitate tournaments, and encourage community growth through event days. Robot Onslaught also comes with a week of free testing, so hosts and players alike can take advantage of the pre-public launch by testing and familiarizing themselves with the experience!

In order to maintain immersion and provide a zero-interference game, Robot Onslaught has an integrated Spectator Mode that allows any PC running a Synthesis Access Point to use. This includes when the PC is not part of the free-roam session and has the “Robot Onslaught Spectator Module” available.

Craig Albert, CEO & Founder of Dreamgate VR who developed Robot Onslaught, had this to say:

“Our first priority is to make our games fun whether played in small (12ft by 12ft) or large (20ft by 20ft) free-roam VR spaces. What we’ve found is that the size of your VR space isn’t really important. What’s important to customers is sharing their VR space with friends and family. And in some locations space comes at a very high premium. So we’re looking forward to seeing more VR arcades getting in on the free-roam action using the 12ft by 12ft arena configuration. We’re really excited to partner with Synthesis VR. Their VR platform has opened up new possibilities for our games and we think it will do the same for VR arcades around the world”.

SynthesisVR is pleased to be expanding our free-roam library with this and other exciting titles while supporting companies like Dreamgate VR and bringing their experiences to a wider audience.

Free Roam Arena & Increasing ROI

Technological innovation has brought virtual reality technology a long way in a short time. Fortunately, the opportunities for today’s VR enthusiasts have evolved to offer versatile, lightweight, and comfortable headsets along with a lot of exciting content. Free-Roam, as a particular segment of VR experiences, offers players more personal agency and rewards them for taking advantage of walking in physical space to move around the VR zone with ease thus creating a heightened sense of immersive reality.

This contributes to more dynamic gameplay, acknowledging the impressively wide range of player decisions and actions. Of particular interest, it increases the replayability of experiences as well as the challenge within, encouraging players to improve themselves and also leverages achievements, leaderboards, and the opportunity for internal tournaments and other social events for VR.

SynthesisVR is a premium management and content licensing platform for location-based entertainment centers around the world.

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