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WW1 Line Of Fire

1916, Verdun, Wood of the Caures, you play a French soldier during the Great War of 14-18. For 3 days, you will have to defend your trench with 3 of your brothers-in-arms against the incessant attacks of the German infantry, artillery, air force, and tanks.

Main Features

  • Survive 3 days, 3 different visual atmospheres, and face the progressive rise of pressure exerted by the opposing army
  • Defend your trench with your rifle and change weapons to surprise the opposing trench
  • Discover hidden objects to improve your defense and trigger air strikes on enemy lines.
  • Make tactical choices with your allies to improve the offensive or defense of your trench.
  • Communicate and help each other in the face of the offensive.

More Awesome Features

  • Free Roam or Room Scale Mode
  • Multiple playspace options to accommodate small to large venues
  • Available in English and French languages
  • Subtitles available
  • Select Different duration
  • Player Names
  • Two-handed weapons mode for advanced gamers
  • One week of Free testing

Benjamin MASNIERES, Chief Executive of ICONIK, had this to say:

“It is with great pleasure that we join the Synthesis VR catalog with our game WW1 Line of Fire, an immersive experience in the trenches of the battle of Verdun!”

SynthesisVR is pleased to be expanding our free-roam library with this and other exciting titles while supporting companies like ICONIK and bringing their experiences to a wider audience.

Free Roam Arena & Increasing ROI

Technological innovation has brought virtual reality technology a long way in a short time. Fortunately, the opportunities for today’s VR enthusiasts have evolved to offer versatile, lightweight, and comfortable headsets along with a lot of exciting content. Free-Roam, as a particular segment of VR experiences, offers players more personal agency and rewards them for taking advantage of walking in physical space to move around the VR zone with ease thus creating a heightened sense of immersive reality.

This contributes to more dynamic gameplay, acknowledging the impressively wide range of player decisions and actions. Of particular interest, it increases the replayability of experiences as well as the challenge within, encouraging players to improve themselves and also leverages achievements, leaderboards, and the opportunity for internal tournaments and other social events for VR.

SynthesisVR is a premium management and content licensing platform for location-based entertainment centers around the world.

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