Escape Room VR – Why they are important for VR Locations

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Escape Rooms have absolutely exploded in popularity since they were first introduced nearly a decade ago. And who can blame people for loving these highly-engaging and fun-filled experiences that bring people together to complete a series of puzzles and challenges as they fight against the clock! Not us, that’s for sure.

With the advancements in Virtual Reality, the possibilities of Escape Rooms have, once again, blossomed! No longer are players constrained by the limitations of space and, beyond that, reality itself! Instead, these new-generation Escape Rooms offer players a gateway into gaming that has never before existed.

And for Operators? Well, with an extensive catalog of experiences to add to your library you open the door to incentives and engage with a demographic of location-based entertainment seekers that want to be challenged and want a variety of experiences. After all, traditional Escape Rooms have one fundamental issue: once someone has played and beaten a scenario — that’s it! The only solution for them is a costly revision of their experience, including new game designs and new physical construction, along with the downtime that any changes may require and the training that goes along with it.

VR Escape Rooms are fantastic because they simply don’t exist within these limits. Instead, it’s just a matter of putting on the headset and choosing a new experience and… playing.

Add to all the above the range of opportunities for team-building events, friendly challenges with friends and family, and the dynamic nature that these simple-yet-complex experiences offer and we can be sure that VR Escape Rooms are only going to continue to grow in popularity.

Let’s quickly review some of the most popular experiences:

LOCKDOWN VR: “KIDNAPPED” and “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD” are the first two parts in a series of murder-mystery escape rooms where you and your friends are forced to challenge your minds and think your way out before you are trapped forever. In “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD” you and your friends play as backup performers craving fame. As backup performers, you are assigned to an abandoned dressing room where paranormal activities begin occurring. With your performance starting in an hour, you will race against time to break out before losing your mind like the others before you.

Not a fan of murder mysteries? No problem! In INCARNA: CHAPTER 1 and 2, you and three of your friends are teleported to a visually stunning world of magic not so different from our own. As you are recruited into an interdimensional team of magic users, abnormalities begin occurring throughout the multiverse. It is up to you and your team to find the source of chaos before all hell breaks loose across dimensions.

Unlike LOCKDOWN and INCARNA, ECLIPSE is a science fiction escape room where you and three other explorers are put to the test investigating cockpits, oxygen gardens, hangars & spacewalks. To survive and make it home alive, all crew members must work synchronously to stage a perfect escape. In addition to the gameplay, ECLIPSE features 3 methods of play including “SynthesisVR Game Provisioning”, “In-game lobby”, and “SynthesisVR Game Provisioning with a dedicated game server”. With such a wide variety of playability options, sci-fi escape room fans will have no trouble getting their hands on this game.

Like the foundation of many communities, it is up to existing members to nurture and cultivate prospective players in order to create a large community. How can you help grow the VR community? Players can grow the VR community by introducing escape room experiences to more mature demographics. With a larger community and wider adoption of VR technologies, only adds to the innovation to come in the near future. The term “the more the merrier” has never rung so true.

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