walkabout mini golf vr arcade mini golf tournament hosted by synthesis vr

Attention All VR Arcades! Worldwide Mini Golf Tournament and Free Week – Hosted by Synthesis VR and Walkabout Mini Golf

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Walkabout Mini Golf – FREE Commercial License for One Week

Step into the spotlight for an exhilarating escapade with Walkabout Mini Golf Free Week! The free week will run from Monday, August 28 to Saturday, September 2, 2023! Get ready, because participating arcades can take advantage of the main event! An opportunity for your players to immerse in the captivating realm of VR Mini Golf absolutely free of charge.

Worldwide VR Arcade Event – VR Mini Golf Tournament – September 1-2, 2023

And wait, there’s more! Circle September 1-2 on your calendar! Witness the transformation of each local arcade into a fierce arena. VR Arcades will hosting thrilling tournaments that you won’t want to miss!

walkabout mini golf free week and vr mini golf tournament hosted by synthesis vr

How does it work?

Participating arcades will opt-in, and furthermore will receive promo kits. You can use these promo kits to build hype in your store for the upcoming September event. During the free week, invite players & customers to practice in anticipation for the upcoming tournament. You can advertise and spread the word that your arcade will host a local event on September 1st and 2nd. Your efforts will create buzz in your local community.

Tournament Day Comes

Prepare yourself for a potential tsunami of new business! On tournament day, you can host new session types and pricing (ex. paying to enter the event not paying per VR session). Give each participant an amount of time. Create your own system (ex. employees rotating participants in and out of your stations). We encourage participating arcades to to keep their own scoring system and provide their own prizes (ex. gift cards to your store). Walkabout Mini Golf will also have a global leaderboard and prize system.

How Can My Location Participate?

If your arcade is participating, email Sarah@mightycoconut.com with the subject “Arcade Tournament Submission” for a promo kit and to submit your top-scoring player (including a scorecard screenshot) for prize eligibility.

Hosted by Synthesis VR

Now, let’s peel back the curtain and unveil the driving force behind this exhilarating venture – Synthesis VR. Working diligently behind the scenes in collaboration with Mighty Coconut, the brilliant minds behind Walkabout Mini Golf. Synthesis VR is steadfastly dedicated to nurturing a thriving VR arcade community, by laying the foundation for success one headset at a time.

Do Not Miss Out!

So, my fellow adventurers of the virtual greens, gather your visors and prepare your finest swings! This event is poised to sweep you off your feet! As you stand ready to tee off, remember that while the golf may be miniature, the jubilation is monumental. All thanks to the collaborative marvel orchestrated by Synthesis VR and Mighty Coconut!

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