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VRMIS Arena at 20% OFF for SynthesisVR customers


Los Angeles – March, 2020


KAT VRMIS Arena – Take your VR Entertainment to the next level

KAT VRMIS (Multiplayer Infinite Space) Arena is a cutting-edge virtual reality gaming arena customized to effectively meet the requirements of modern E-Sport. VRMIS system breaks the limitations of time and space allowing many players to simultaneously enter the same digital world and together experience unforgettable adventures in VR. The omnidirectional treadmill applied in KAT VRMIS work in 6DOF making infinite and unrestricted physical actions possible on even the smallest spaces!

KAT VRMIS Arena is not only a much more immersive experience than traditional thumb stick controlled locomotion solutions but also much safer and more space-efficient than other solutions. With KAT VRMIS your customers will experience the true future of VR gaming and come back for more! That’s right, that means sustainable long-term profit source for your business!



What SynthesisVR partnership with KAT VR Offers You?

The SynthesisVR customers can purchase the KAT VRMIS Arena at 20% OFF! This solution is a full package of the Arena construction, station control, omni-directional treadmills, the lightings and many more, where the customers can successfully host E-Sport events and competitions. This discount is applicable on all items in the KAT VRMIS.




Not Convinced? What would it take to make your location a leader in Virtual Reality Entertainment!


  • High Throughput – KAT VRMIS utilizes the world’s first and only non-restrictive omni-directional treadmills. KAT Walk mini allows for deeply immersive walking, running, strafing and even jumping crouching and sitting down in a tiny footprint, increasing efficiency and profit.
  • Return of Investment – A complete plug & play hardware solution optimized for maximum space usage with minimum staff requirement, it is integrated with SynthesisVR platform and can be completely managed centrally.
  • E-Sport – Customer retention and interest is at a high level with e-sports integration. KAT VRMIS Arena breaks the limitations of time and space allowing many players to simultaneously enter the same digital world and together experience unforgettable adventures in VR. Together with SynthesisVR leaderboard integration, an all in one platform to meet the requirements of modern E-Sport.
  • Reduce Cost – With SynthesisVR that automates and simplifies most tasks and a central management platform, not only can you minimize the staff requirement but perform daily operations at a much more efficient manner.
  • Scale Your Business– KAT VRMIS is optimized to provide high management freedom and allow for system adaptation to the needs of the specific arcade. The entire system is modular and supports multiple setups (2/4/6/8/12/16 or even more treadmills) and with a host of features provided by SynthesisVR like streaming, memberships, customer management and reporting it is not a question of if but when you want to scale.


SynthesisVR & KAT VR Synergy

The combination of our technological advantages allows for more. Benefit from the unique synergy that VRMIS Arena and SynthesisVR Platform offer to your VR business and stand out among your local competitors.

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