FREEDIVER: Triton Down | A True LBVR Adventure

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FREEDIVER: Triton Down | A True LBVR Adventure

Diving is a beautiful, and mysterious experience. Deep beneath the sea is a world full of life and mystic that most people will never have the opportunity to try themselves. Virtual reality venues offer a unique new concept, the ability to experience a virtual world so life like that it invokes emotion as if it was a first hand encounter. This level of immersion gives us the opportunity to partake in extraordinary activities such as free diving. Combine the awe of a deep sea dive, the suspense of a sci- fi thriller with the immersion of virtual reality, and you have FREEDIVER : Trinton Down.


FREEDIVER: Triton Down is a single player narrated experience that culminates in a harrowing escape from a sunken ship. The game begins in a lagoon and trains the player for the upcoming mission in a visually appetizing cave diving sequence. Players start above the surface and swim down into and through a series of caves which intensifies the immersion.  Free divers do not use oxygen tanks on their dives. This ads an element of urgency and suspense to the game play as the player only has so much time to complete the task at hand before they need to find oxygen. The player moves their arms in a swimming motion to swim in the game, and also has the ability to grab onto an object and pull themselves through. The story can be completed in 60 minutes making it a great candidate to offer in a vr venue as a special feature. With a good mixture of exploration, puzzle solving, interaction, and story line, Triton Down will appeal to a wide demographic. Although this is a single player experience, with Synthesis VR’s automatic group communication, guests can speak to one another and work through puzzles together.


FREEDIVER: Triton Down offers a high quality and unique narrative experience with a duration that makes it consumable in one visit. As out of home virtual reality entertainment advances, it will need its blockbusters. License FREEDIVER: Triton Down for your virtual reality venue today and let us know how your guests enjoy it!

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