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TARGO New Release: 50 days To The South Pole. Solo and Unassisted

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TARGO New Release: 50 Days To The South Pole. Solo and Unassisted.

TARGO, creators of captivating virtual reality documentaries is adding to its collection of unique 360 video content to Synthesis VR. The latest title, “50 days to the South Pole. Solo and unassisted” takes the user along on a trip to the south pole with french explorer, Matthiu Tordereur. Matthiu is attempting to complete the trek completely unassisted and by himself. By doing so he would become the youngest person to accomplish the elite feet.


50 days to the South Pole, is TARGOS 11th title on Synthesis VR. This adds to popular titles such as “The Man Behind Notre – Dame”, which tells the story of the man that guides the cathedral through modernity, shedding lights on what it means to be a churchman in the XXIst century, and “The Line Walkers”, where users walked on a thin line, hundreds of meters above the ground in a national park. Each documentary presents a new and intriguing real life story. With an average run time of 7 minutes, users are able to experience multiple stories in a single session. Available both in english and french, TARGOS documentaries are well produced, completely immersing the user in another time and place.


TARGO stories represent a unique  genre of content appealing to virtual travelers, adventure seekers, and educators. With Synthesis VR location based vr management platform, operators are able to curate a library of TARGO documentaries, giving clients options to select new documentaries and adventures on the fly with built in LBVR optimizations.


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