Games on Focus – May 2018

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Hi Fellow Arcade Owners,

Finding the best games for your arcade isn’t either easy nor fast. Considering different genres, we chose and are happily presenting you some of your best options:


Kiss or Kill

Welcome to Kiss or Kill: Trivia Royale, the ultimate trivia showdown! The social VR game show is filled with big choices and crazy shenanigans. 2-8 players must answer fast-paced questions in an intense trivia battle!

  • Designed for VR arcades with local and global multiplayer
  • Tens of thousands of questions
  • Mini games in between rounds
  • Tournament mode allows for easy rematches

AFFECTED: The Manor!

Oculus described AFFECTED: The Manor as the original VR horror experience, now it’s available for commercial licensing under SynthesisVR! Commended as one of the best VR experiences to date and with over 250 million views on YouTube, it has been the highest rated experience since its release on the Oculus store. It’s simple one-button controls and high quality VR environment makes AFFECTED: The Manor the perfect app to show newcomers and experienced gamers alike.

AFFECTED: The Manor is a horror walkthrough that only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. With 2 routes to choose from and multiple endings…can you make it through!


Arrowborn brings you the fast-paced and visceral action of a multiplayer first-person shooter and combines it with the immersive experience of virtual reality archery. Show your lethal accuracy and clever map tactics as you load your quiver full of deadly magical arrows and lay waste to the competition!
Select from an ever-expanding assortment of magical arrows each with their own unique way of wreaking havoc on your opponents and giving you the advantage. Attach a powerful gem to your armor to increase your survivability or boost your mana pool to unleash deadly barrages!

Cosmic Trip

You’ve been deployed on an alien planet full of hostile enemies. You must defend yourself by building and commanding an army of cosmo bots to gather resources and destroy the opposition.
Built from the ground up for VR, Cosmic Trip lets you experience real-time strategy like never before. Feel what it’s like to destroy alien enemies using futuristic weapons. Strategically build swarms of badass robots to defend yourself and gather materials.


SynthesisVR supports the arcade mode for Cosmic Trip

Sovient Lunapark VR

Treat yourself to an array of thrilling VR-attractions! Contemplate the magnificent creations of Dr. Pavlov! Immerse yourself into the brilliantly crafted world of walking and thinking machines and abominable cadavers hungry for the flesh of the living! Stroll through the facility in single player mode or compete with other visitors in the arena.

Based on extensive feedback provided by SynthesisVR, the game would be optimized for VR Arcades.

Vacate The Room | Vacate 2 Rooms

Can you find your way out of the different rooms? You need to find a lot of hidden items. Uncover secrets. Use strange mechanisms to proceed through the different rooms to the exit.

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