SynthesisVR 3.2

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Hi Fellow Arcade Owners,

It’s been 2 months since SynthesisVR 3.1 was released. As version 3.2 (beta) is coming out next week, we are happy to give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • After 2 days of poor performance by our hosting provider back in May and after they didn’t succeed in convincing us the issue is permanently resolved, we switched to Amazon. The migration was well coordinated and none of our customers experienced any downtime. And now 2 months later we are enjoying 100% uptime. In addition, we set multiple monitoring tools and are ready to scale our resources up as they are needed.
  • We addressed a case where the VR Menu Mirror may hang the desktop app.
  • Fixed a random case of slower internet causing games not to launch when done at the start of VR session.
  • Improved support for time zones having 30-minute and 45-minute offsets.
  • Optimized detection of changed private IPs within your LAN network.
  • Optimized detection of issues within your private network (usually related to WiFi installations)

SynthesisVR is proud to be the only platform providing true licensing capabilities.

Next to the already existing progressive billing, we have added:

  • Free test keys – as our catalog is about to go beyond 100 titles, having to license every game in order to try it can become tedious. Now it’s possible to obtain test keys and see what you would get. If you don’t think the game would work well with your setup and customers, you don’t have to license it.
  • Fixed fee and PPM options – Often you have to select between fixed fee and the pay per minute licensing models. Due to this, you are very likely to end up with multiple accounts.
  • Floating licenses – the “holy grail” of the commercial licenses. On SynthesisVR, you can obtain both a fixed fee and PPM licenses for the same game. If you don’t like your PPM licensing bill, now you can cut it in half by combining Fixed Fee and PPM licensing.
  • Country based rates – one size doesn’t fit all and we know that. If you are operating in a country with a lower GDP, it won’t be profitable to pay the same licensing fees as te USA (for example). SynthesisVR is your only escape from joining the gray market.
  • Marketing materials – we did the hard work to maintain a big library of high quality images and videos. Enjoy!

New management interface

Two years after we started SynthesisVR, it’s time for a new and more modern management interface. There is still a little more “polishing” to be done, but it’s already available for everyone who wants to use it.

With 3.2, we are getting closer to a complete self-service solution.

More billing options

We always been proud that SynthesisVR is the only platform that have true support for multiple VR attractions. Room scale, free roam, racing simulators, treadmills, PSVR.. just name it.
We’ve always been proud that SynthesisVR is the only platform that has true support for multiple VR attractions. Room scale, free roam, racing simulators, treadmills, PSVR… you name it, we already can do it. However, we’ve never thought we were done, and we continue to find areas of growth.

Have you ever struggled with how exactly to bill a father for his time in your racing rig and his 2 kids in Rec Room? With version 3.2, you can take advantage of our new “balance limit” functionality. Just charge their account $100 and let them all play with the appropriate amounts being deducted from the balance. You may also get that guy who wants to try all your offers. Just add in a balance for him and let him play whatever he wants deducting from that balance as he goes. If you are concerned this is going to interfere with your online reservations – please don’t, we have you covered!

New web widget

Sell membership cards online and have SynthesisVR to automatically renew the subscriptions. As usual – it is 100% customizable.

More customization options

And still, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. With version 3.2 we pass on a challenge to all web developers to overwrite the default SynthesisVR 2D menu and build your own on the top of the SynthesisVR APIs.

Are you a Unity developer? Great! We encourage you to take our scripts and APIs and do something amazing!

Once again, THANK YOU for being such an awesome community!

If you’ve never tried SynthesisVR before or you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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